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  1. Iceman 21

    Deck Jet Tool

    I have 3 Brass Deck Jets and seems like 2 of them have some blockage. Where can I purchase a pool to unscrew hen and clear out the line? No luck on Amazon.
  2. Iceman 21

    Replace IntelliChlor IC40???

    Looks like my IntelliChlor IC40 has dies after 6 yrs. Should I replace it w/ another IC40 or "upgrade" to the newer iChlor 30? Reviews on the iChlor 30 are mixed at best.
  3. Iceman 21

    New SWG start up

    A friend of mine has finally finished their pool and it came out great. Issue is the recommended wait time of 30 before firing up the new Pentair IC 40 SWG runs into Memorial Day weekend. Any serious down side to firing it up just 1 week early so they can go ahead w/ their planned Memorial Day...
  4. Iceman 21

    Pool Lights Usage

    How often do you guys run your lights? Everyday, weekends, only when swimming? I would like to have mine on a few hours every night but I am worried about burning them out as I have had 5 light failures in 3 years. I have 3 Pentair LEDs.
  5. Iceman 21

    DIY automation and Apple HomeKit

    Any out you guys building DIY automation of Raspberry Pi or whatever see this? How to create your own HomeKit-enabled accessories | iMore Apple has opened up HomeKit!! So theoretically if someone had a DIY automation box can add Siri integration. Now who's going to build one of these things...
  6. Iceman 21

    Pleatco Filter Wash

    Anyone use Pleatco Filter Wash? Thoughts and results?
  7. Iceman 21

    Easy Touch 4, Solar Heating and Water Features Pump Speeds

    When my Solar Heater is activated (which is most of the day) my pump speed is 2800 RPM’s. My Water Features pump speed is 2100 RPM’s. Is there a way in Screen Logic to program the pump to ramp up to 3000 RPM’s when BOTH Solar AND the Water Features are activated, then back down to 2100 RPM’s...
  8. Iceman 21

    Back Yard Theater

    Well the 1st night of back yard movies turned out to be a big hit. I just got everything in from Amazon this weekend and it was supposed to be a trial run, but my daughter got excited and invited the whole neighborhood. Talk bout pressure. Luckily I got everything set up and working. Everyone...
  9. Iceman 21

    Pentair New Equipment

    I came across this little tid bit (Exhibitor Details) when doing a Google search for Pentair’s new automation equipment “IntelliCenter”. Anyone have any info on any of this stuff? IllumaVision looks very interesting.
  10. Iceman 21

    Pentair iCHLOR

    Anyone have any intel on Pentair's new SWG? Pentair - iChlorâ„¢ Salt Chlorine Generator
  11. Iceman 21

    Changing Filter Cartridge, how often?

    Will I be ok changing my filter cartages with new ones every other year and cleaned yearly or better off just buying new ones every year? I found then relativity cheap on Amazon. My original cheapo Pentair Cartages that came new with the filter lasted me 3 years. Am I over thinking this...
  12. Iceman 21

    Pentair Colorcascade bubbler lights wont sync

    My Pentair Colorcascade bubbler lights not synced with my Pentair IntelliBrite. I have tried "Color Sync" on the Screen Logic app several times with no luck. The bubbler lights seems to be stuck on "party mode" and keeps going through all the colors. Am I missing something? IS there another way...
  13. Iceman 21

    Hello from N. Cali

    Hello. Long time lurker, 2nd time poster. Lots of good info on this site. Thanks everyone
  14. Iceman 21

    Electrical Issue?

    Long time lurker, 1st time poster here. I have 3 three (3) Pentair IntelliBrite 5g LED lights and one (1) Pentair Color Cascade Bubbler with LED lights. In the past 3 years since the pool was built, all 3 lights have burned out, the bubbler lights have burnt out and one Pentair Easytouch...