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  1. 737mech

    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    We have 3 different types of palms in out backyard. Our needle palm which is shrub like looks like nothing happened. It's very cold hardy. We planted a small sabel minor this year which has some protection from our house. It still looks mostly green, but about half the fronds are now brown and...
  2. 737mech

    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    Moved from HERE Hey I realize this is an old post, but wondering how this project turned out? I have wanted to add low voltage led Volt brand lighting behind our pool for awhile. Thinking this might be the year for it. We have the Pentair Easy Touch Panel. Anything you would do differently?
  3. 737mech

    Exposed aggregate deck rust stains

    We have about 5 small areas on our newish decking that you can see rust stains. The PB said there is metal bits in the pour. They said they could have the pieces chipped out. We are not sure if that will end up looking worse than it all ready is. Do you think cleaning the areas and sealing with...
  4. 737mech

    Borates and a sparkling pool ...... This website rocks!

    First I would like to thank those that post on this forum. I have learned soooo much from you all ..... so again thank you. I came home from my usual commute from work (too much traffic) and looked out the backdoor to see our pool looking fantastic. It was so clear and sparkling. I was like is...
  5. 737mech


    We have 2 different plumerias that we bought while in Hawaii.....about 15 yrs ago. This year we got blooms on one of them. Does anyone else grow these? Around North Texas, we have to bring them inside during the winter.
  6. 737mech

    Musa Basjoo banana trees

    I am looking to buy a couple of these cold hardy banana trees in the dallas/ftworth area. I saw some 4 sale at a nursery, but thought the price was a bit high considering their size. I am hoping someone has seen some 4 sale in their travels. Thanks.
  7. 737mech

    Pentair easy touch readout or k-1766 test result?

    The SWG says the salt level is at 3200. The K-1766 test result is 3800. Would using the speed stir change the result so it was closer to what the SWG? I dont have one yet. Which one should I go with since one is under reccommended level and the other is over?
  8. 737mech

    North Texas landscaping ideas needed

    It may be cold outside,but I am thinking about landscaping around our new pool. We would like a tropical look. We bought a few plants in the late fall and are in the garage greenhouse for now. We have a fan palm, needle palm, red yuccas, some canna lilies, liriope, and gardenias. Also picked up...
  9. 737mech

    Metroplex snow...let's see your pool

    We got a light amount of snow yesterday. It was nice to look at but I am ready to use the new pool. Ground hog said 6 more weeks of winter.....bummer.