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  1. 4x4tx

    Freeze start up with leaks

    What do I need to replace in this pic? If I were to call a pool repairman what do I say I have and need done based on this video? I couldnt tell where it was leaking on the valve but definitely on the bottom of the actuator.
  2. 4x4tx

    Waterfall pump - rotten internal screws

    So my waterfall pump didnt run the last time I tried to turn it on...I dont really like running it as it just drops dirt into my pool. Anyway it wouldnt come on so I figured the capacitor was out. I replaced the capacitor while working on my other pump motor and now the pump runs but it...
  3. 4x4tx

    Polaris 280 wheels

    Ive noticed lately my cleaner is staying stuck in corners...looks like the front wheel and single wheel are turning..but middle and back wheel is not? What kind of adjustment do I need? Also looks like my scrubber on the tail is gone and the tail isnt really whipping around that...
  4. 4x4tx

    Posting builder quotes?

    Is it allowed to get opinions to bids ?
  5. 4x4tx

    Pentair 270028 Valve Handle Replacement 2-Way and 3-Way Diverter Pool/Spa Valve

    I have a few of these broken off......where is best place and what is best one to replace? These on amazon are like $17 ea.... Pentair 270028 Valve Handle Replacement 2-Way and 3-Way Diverter Pool/Spa Valve: Garden & Outdoor saw some other handles only like these
  6. 4x4tx

    walmart liquid Chlorine gone?

    I went to my local walmart this past week and all of the LC was gone. Not one bottle left.....a month ago they had a fresh shipment in and was fully stocked..I bought 10-12 jugs and thought Id be good for a while.....Is anyone else seeing this? Houston area..... Not sure if this a product of...
  7. 4x4tx

    Spa Valves going Around

    Moved from here: Valves going all the way around... all the way around... I hate to bump this thread but I am having the same issues....when i kick on my spa one of them just keeps going all the way around...i am manually controlling them this a cheap microswitch issue? Im not sure...
  8. 4x4tx

    Replastered in April......test results from the past 3 months..what are my concerns?

    Replastered with quartzscapes in super blue back in mid april....attached are all my test results since then.... I have drained some water out of my pool twice in the past two weeks....still having PH issues and calcium still wants to increase.....CYA is on the high side too I guess...ive gone...
  9. 4x4tx

    What is this called

    Had pool replastered back in April and saw this over the weekend
  10. 4x4tx

    two issues....unlevel skimmers/replacing spa light in underground pool

    I am having my pool replastered and retiled....I have a couple of issues to go along with those jobs. #1) one end of my pool over the years has settled to where one skimmer is about a inch higher than the other. In other words, when the pool level gets lower enough one skimmer can suck air...
  11. 4x4tx

    Replacing transformer Pentair Minimax NT heater

    Post was moved from Zea3 Pentair 471360 Dual Voltage Transformer With Circuit Breaker Replacement for Pool And Spa Heaters: Patio, Lawn Garden Looks like my transformer went...
  12. 4x4tx

    Pyrex triton minimax heater problem

    I've been researching this and thought it could be either of these things but now not sure...1 pressure switch bad and 2 power board bad...but I don't have any led lights including power green or lit...I have a Jandy aqua link system but haven't opened up the box yet..thinking now maybe relay or...
  13. 4x4tx

    What is this on my walls?

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  14. 4x4tx

    Jandy aqualink rs6

    My jandy controller started blinking inside the house..the main pump and water fall pimp were clicking off and smelled like burning at the main control box so I put the unit in service my control board bad or maybe a capacitor?
  15. 4x4tx

    Plumbing leak at pump

    Is there any way to fix this leak without changing out pipe? If I need to cut it what all is involved? Looks like the pipe is threaded into the pump?
  16. 4x4tx

    Booster Cleaner screen clogging

    Is this a sign of something but my booster pump cleaner screen filter keeps clogging up with material...Ive never had this happen before so wondering if my grids in my DE filter are tore up or what else would cause that?
  17. 4x4tx

    oreq pool net "speed lock system"

    I bought a gorilla net last night and pole to go with came with a extra clip that came with four notches instead of 2...trying to take out the 2 notch to replace with the 4 since if you use their poles it can use the 4 notch for greater strength and less stress. How the heck do you...
  18. 4x4tx

    New prbblem this AM

    I have been out of town on business so not sure if this has been going on but I peaked out my back window this morning to see that my spa level was down which is never a good sign. I went over to my pumps and my main pump was acting like it was loosing its prime....I stopped the pump and took...
  19. 4x4tx

    Jet vac pool cleaner noise at wall fitting?

    I just replaced the gasket for the hose connection at the pool wall thinking it was worn and the issue but I am still having a noise..feels like connection is loose and water is getting by on the sides...cant figure out why? Anyone run into this issue?
  20. 4x4tx

    Test Results -easiest way to raise PH and TA?

    Got my water tested yesterday with these results FAC 3 TAC 3 Calcium hardness 490 CYA 99 TA 80 PH 7.0 TDS 600 PHO 2500 Pool store says I need to drain about 1.5 ft of my water and refill to get caclium down...also need to raise PH and TA? What is the best way?
  21. 4x4tx

    Is this calcium?

    I just chipped this stuff of a couple of weeks ago and its back. What is causing it and how do I remove it for good? Usually I can use my fingernail and break it apart. Also my pool plaster sometimes looks like this where you can see spots On the side. There are also a couple of areas where...
  22. 4x4tx

    pentair jet vac cleaner to ....?

    Currently I have a booster pump with a jet vac cleaner which is only 3 year old but the parts on it keep wearing was looking to upgrade to the polaris or the kreepy krauly platinum...would i need to change anything out to make the change? I assume the connection to the pool wall and the...
  23. 4x4tx

    pool pump sound

    My pump is getting louder and this a bearing that is going out that can be fixed or is my pump on its death bed? Pump is probably 11 years old or older.
  24. 4x4tx

    heater wont come on

    Purex Triton MinMax around 2000 model...worked in fall time but today tried to semi warm the pool and I am not getting it possible the pilot light is out? anything else to try?
  25. 4x4tx

    power went cant get power to pool?

    checked all of my trips and the breaker but everything appears to be ok....but not power to the it possible the pool breaker shorted out? Anything else to check before pulling the breaker?
  26. 4x4tx

    Inline chlorine feeder repair kit?

    I have a rainbow inline chlorine feeder that seems to not be flowing they make a repair kit to maybe replace that valve?
  27. 4x4tx

    filter casing leaking from underneath?

    My filter is leaking from what looks like the underneath little stand it sits on....does this mean my case is cracked? If so I hope my home warranty pays for a new filter..if so i guess it would come with new grids?
  28. 4x4tx

    Test results

    Ok i have a 16K pool and just got these results back: .5 FAC 1 TAC 7.8 PH 100 TA 430 Calcium Hardness 60 CYA I have my chlorine way down because I am running two bottles of scaletec through my says to get it down below 2ppm so its obvious I have done that. Btw, how well does that...
  29. 4x4tx

    Wanting to mount tv, rec and speakers on back porch....

    Ok I have cable running right under my eave down my back porch so I think I can splice that cable to make another outlet where I want to mount a TV. TV will be an old 25" crt that I dont care about if it goes out but it will be protected by porch. I bought a cheap receiver and 4 outdoor...
  30. 4x4tx

    couple of questions

    First question I have is I thought I had a bulb out in my never worked last year but the pool light did...well recently the pool light went out as well so first thing I checked with the electrical reset which had been tripped...the pool light now works again but the spa light is no...