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  1. mlggator

    Seal or not my flagstone coping

    I have quartzite flagstone coping. When dry it looks very dull and not very colorful. When wet, it is beautiful. We will also be incorporating flagstone into parts of the decking. It has been suggested to me to that if I seal the flagstone, it will get the same darker look that would pull the...
  2. mlggator

    How much room is needed for the pool equipment pad?

    I am trying to decide where to place the pool equipment. Visually, and as far as being near the utilities, one side of my yard seems better, but the space on this side is way more limited. The other side of the house is far from utilities and will be visible from our conversation areas, but...
  3. mlggator

    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    Hi, I am beginning my new pool construction in SoCal. My plans are currently in with the city and demo on my current patio will begin soon. I feel very confident in my PB as they have been doing this work in SoCal for a long time and their pools are gorgeous. I have a typical postage stamp back...