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  1. Townlakecakes

    Another bonding question - regarding finished grade

    Our pool varies at 6-10” below grade. We are planning to put down landscaping fabric then backfill 24” from pool wall with river stone and set w pavers. Does the bonding wire need to be surrounded by earth? Do I need to backfill with soil before I put the river rock on top?
  2. Townlakecakes

    Equipment pad for AGP

    After having intex pools for 5 years and managing them with ease thanks to this site, our last one rusted through and we are done with them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 21’ x 54” Saltwater 8000 from The Pool Factory and after a full week of backbreaking ground prep, we are proud to...
  3. Townlakecakes

    Muriatic Acid not lowering TA

    We opened the pool about 2 weeks ago. In that time, I've been trying to reduce my TA because it's at 200. pH at testing has ranged from 7.6 to 8.0. 3 times I've added enough acid to reduce the pH to 7.2, but the TA is still at 200. Any clues to what's going on here? Im using a 10mL test and 7...
  4. Townlakecakes

    New and Thank you!

    I don't know what I would have done without this site...maybe thrown away my easy set pool? I'm on almost my third summer with it. The first one came after my sister decided in august that pool ownership wasn't for her. So she sent me the link to the pool she had (or so I thought) and I told her...