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  1. LGLDSR73

    Pool Math Min / Max Parameter Changes?

    Greetings!! Recalling a 10" snowstorm on May 10th circa 1978 I'll roll the dice and say it anyway - thank God that Winter is gone and it's nearing the time to setup the pool. It's been a long, cold Winter here in the Northeast. Couple of quick questions. Have the Min / Max parameters for Pool...
  2. LGLDSR73

    FC >10 And pH

    Good morning, With FC being >10.0 the pH reading is for all intents and purposes unreliable, correct? Thought I had seen that mentioned here. Thank you, Lyman
  3. LGLDSR73

    Taylor CYA Test

    Greeetings All, I found this post by OTPirate going back to 2018. Is this still a valid procedure, particularly what a CYA of 50 should look like? Best, Lyman "The CYA standard is so you can adjust yourself to the standard, not the other way around. I trust the chemists at Taylor Technologies...
  4. LGLDSR73

    All Chlorine On The Planet Gone...

    I've been using Pool Essentials Chlorine for longer than dirt is old and I'm not going to have enough to make it through end of August into September. So Bleach is my option. If I recall, Clorox is out but I've heard Walmart's Great Value mentioned albeit it's only 6% Sodium Hypochlorite. I...
  5. LGLDSR73

    Child lost lunch in pool - HELP!

    My 4 year old Grandson just threw up in the pool. I have not encountered this before and other than skim out what is floating around and vacuuming I am at a loss. FC I have been keeping high. This morning at 1036 EST the readings were as follows (it is now 1449 EST). FC 8.4 CC .2 pH: 7.6 TA...
  6. LGLDSR73

    Just wanted to throw this out there....

    Found this article, a bit long but I'm curious as to TFP's take on it. I've no opinion one way or the other. Thanks, Lyman
  7. LGLDSR73

    CC Level High

    The pool hasn't seen as much use lately, three kids between the ages of 4 - 14 in it maybe 2 hours a day. For that reason I've been keeping the FC level higher than the recommended and ideal range for the given CYA level to kill any bacteria, etc. Historically the CC has either been 0 or .02...
  8. LGLDSR73

    Adding Chlorine after Liquid Conditioner

    Greetings, What is the wait time for adding Chlorine after adding Liquid Conditioner? Impact on pH of the Conditioner? On a side note, will it cause a sudden rise or lowering on the FC? If I recall, TA will be affected. Many thanks, Lyman
  9. LGLDSR73

    Pool Math Logs....gone!

    Greetings, Not sure where to post this but my logs that I was looking at 30 minutes ago are....gone, including today's entries. They went back to July, 2019. Last week I upgraded to a Pool Math subscription. Anyone know what may have happened? Thanks, Lyman
  10. LGLDSR73

    Shocking - safe time to swim?

    Pool is up! Using a product such as Blue Shield Shock, what is the wait time before it's safe to swin assuming all other parameters are in spec? I assume the shock should be added after the sun sets? As always, thanks. Lyman
  11. LGLDSR73

    Wait time on chemical additions

    Greetings, I hope everyone is doing well these days and staying healthy. So far so good here. So far. I asked this last year and I apologize for doing so again but I cannot locate the Threads even when searching by my username as poster so please forgive; do they fall off the Radar after 'x'...
  12. LGLDSR73

    Shelf Life of Chemicals

    Greetings, Would you happen to know the shelf life of opened (sealed afterward) containers of Soda Ash and pH Up / Down chemicals? They're from last Season, stored in a dark but dry area of the basement and was wondering if I should just buy new for this season. Thank you, Lyman
  13. LGLDSR73

    Liquid Shock Shelf Life

    Greetings All, I hate Pool Stores, let me say that up front. With that said, a local Pool Store has as of this writing a substantial supply of Liquid Pool Shock. The pool will not be opened until June. These bottles are not sealed but only have a twist cap as seems to be common for this...
  14. LGLDSR73

    Liquid Chlorine Gone From Shelves...

    I've been using Pool Essentials Liquid Chlorine (12%) but it's all be disappeared. I assume I can use off the shelf Clorox Bleach, non-scented? I believe it's 10%. Any keywords to avoid such as 'Now with Extra Whiteners", etc? Should I expect any difference in impact on CYA, pH, T/A from what...
  15. LGLDSR73

    Essentially Both Brands Are Liquid Chlorine?

    Greetings All, I have been using Pool Essentials Liquid Chlorine (10% Sodium Hypochlorite, 90% "Other Ingredients") and recently came into a good supply of Blue Shield 'Pool Shock' (12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, 87.5% "Other Ingredients"). Strength aside, any issues in converting over to the Blue...
  16. LGLDSR73

    Pool Math: "Your target is outside the suggested range"

    I am having an issue with Pool Math per the two attachments (could not fit entire screen in one capture). It is telling me that "Your target is outside the suggested range". I believe I need to SLAM the pool in the the CYA has been creeping up and is now at .4. This pool is in the direct sun...
  17. LGLDSR73

    Dry Acid and Impact On FC

    I had to add some Dry Acid to get the pH down. T/A, FC, CYA and other parameters were within TFP's spec. It dawned on me if adding the Dry Acid would have any impact on the level of FC? I know the preference appears to be the use of Muriatic Acid. I've been told this is not really suitable for...
  18. LGLDSR73

    Should I Shock given the test results?

    Greetings, In the past I have typically shocked my pool once per week on a Friday night using an amount pursuant to Blue Shield directions and have let the filter run overnight so the Grandkids can go in come morning. Pool is Intex UltraFrame, 4750 gal, 18' x 9' x 52". All has been good. I had...