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  1. ald2002

    High CYA

    After several months, my PB agreed to drain 50% of my pool water and refill with the water truck due to high CYA. After my pool was filled, a tech added way too much stabilizer. It has been stressful and a struggle to balance. Any recommendations before the pool is drained? My pool is...
  2. ald2002

    PebbleSheen Uneven

    Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I had Blue Surf applied one month ago. The pool walls are much darker than the floor (see photo). Is this a normal part of the curing process and will the color even out over time? Thanks.
  3. ald2002

    Film on waterline tile

    What is the best method to clean this film from my waterline tile? Its only on some tile around my shallow end. Any suggestions on how to prevent this in the future? I am a new pool owner and appreciate the feedback.
  4. ald2002

    Help, Please Balancing

    I'll start with background. Three weeks ago, my pool was filled after Pebblesheen was applied. My PB turned the pool over to me after dumping about 7 bags of salt in the pool two weeks ago and I was told I am responsible for balancing. The PB will be back next week to turn on the chlorinator...
  5. ald2002


    Hi there - My pH is high - new pool owner. Bad storms. Pebblesheen was applied 2.5 weeks ago. First time adding muratic acid myself. How much do I add? No directions on the jug. Thanks.
  6. ald2002

    PB Managing Chemicals

    The same day of my fill, the PB started my equipment and added chemicals (see below for a list). I was asked not to touch the equipment add any chemicals as the PB will hand over a fully balanced pool in two weeks. We had awful rain today and I asked if chemicals were needed and I was told no...
  7. ald2002

    Which Muriatic Acid ?

    Which brand is best? See photo. Thanks.
  8. ald2002

    TF Test Kits Arrived - Getting Real

    I just opened my box of goodies. I have a lot of studying to do :):) My pool will be filled next Tuesday and PB will get it started. I assume I should get moving and buy the items to keep my pool balanced asap. Have there been issues finding pool supplies? Given COVID I am wondering if I...
  9. ald2002

    Help with pool equipment asap - please

    PB installed equipment today. The pump is supposed to be Intelliflo VS 3HP (011056). Pump installed stays “vsf”. See photo. Is this the correct pump? PB said its a 011056 - why does it say VSF? Thanks.
  10. ald2002

    Is this acceptable? Opinions, Please

    Opinions, please. Would the nicks on the travertine facing the inside the pool drive you nuts? Or, am I way too picky?
  11. ald2002

    Regret the decision to build?

    I had an exceptionally bad experience with a sub contractor today. So much so, I regret starting this process? Anyone feel the same?
  12. ald2002

    Issues with silver travertine?

    Has anyone had issues with their batch of silver travertine coping? My first batch was completely off in color. The second batch was delivered this week and the masons arrived this morning and noted the same issue. See photo. I understand the variants in travertine but the variants are too...
  13. ald2002

    Accent Tiles Yay of Nay?

    I need to make a decision as to whether I should install accent tiles for my stairs and bench. My PB suggested Fire Opal Glass Accent Tile by Pebbletech. If you have accent tile would you install again? Thanks.
  14. ald2002

    The Mess Is Now Plastered!

    I regret not finding this forum prior to my pool build! My dig started on 8.26 and my backyard looks like a tornado hit it. I fully understand a mess is inevitable but it seems after every contractor leaves the mess gets worse. For example, plastic covering from my gunite shoot still graces...