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  1. Foxy

    Quartzscapes Reflection Series??

    I have Barbados Blue, but it's the Caribbean series, not Reflection. Shouldn't the base color of the quartz plaster be the same, so Barbados in Caribbean and Barbados in Reflection should be the same, but Reflections just adds something for bling, but I'm not sure what they use though, shells...
  2. Foxy

    Betraying my TFP with trichlor while on vacation

    Thanks for sharing your experience and results, glad it all worked well for you! My vacation is next week and I'm hoping for very similar results.
  3. Foxy

    High CYA- possible algae

    You are done when: CC is 0.5 or lower; You pass an OCLT (ie overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less); And the water is clear. When all three are true, you are done SLAMing and can allow the FC to drift down to normal levels. Your current issue is that your CC is still...
  4. Foxy

    CYA Level Drop in new pool

    I can answer your question for the OP... It is liquid stabilizer (sodium cyanurate) and it is fine to use, it just costs more (about double) than granular stabilizer. Label probably says 35% mono sodium cyanurate monohydrate which is equivalent to 30% cyanuric acid. You can search on here for...
  5. Foxy

    FC levels continuously low

    Are you testing and adding chlorine to your pool every day? If not, it doesn't look like it from your logs, then that is your problem.
  6. Foxy

    Betraying my TFP with trichlor while on vacation

    Thanks. I actually do have a solar cover, but I've never left it on for 6 days in the summer before, so that just made me think of a question, is water temperature a concern? My water temp could possibly get close to 100.
  7. Foxy

    Another newbie needs help

    I used the Taylor K2006 before I switched to TF100, the K2006 has a base & acid demand test and the TF100 does not, I personally like the demand tests. Do you mean that you added 4 drops, not 40, to go from 6.8 to 7.6? The scale on the K2006 is even numbers and lowest is 7.0, each drop...
  8. Foxy

    Anyone install their own fencing?

    I did just recently, used fence panels from Lowe's. Mine are steel instead of aluminum, but they have the same style in aluminum online. Here's an in progress pic of what I used, hadn't finished cutting the travertine pavers around the post, we put the fence in after the decking...
  9. Foxy

    Betraying my TFP with trichlor while on vacation

    I feel your pain, I bought my first floater and a small bucket of tabs last week! We are going to be gone for 6 days in a couple of weeks with nobody to manage the pool, so I spent some time on pool math to figure out what I could do to hopefully return to a clear pool. I've intentionally kept...
  10. Foxy

    Who has ONE IntelliBrite Color LED?

    I have 1 Intellibrite in my pool, pool is around 30ft long, it's not enough light except when on the white setting. I haven't taken pictures of the colored options at night, but they only light up about half the pool, so I'd guess that 1 going across the width is still going to leave a few feet...
  11. Foxy

    Depth Question

    Another vote for 3.5/5/4, mine is roughly those depths, 3ft is too shallow and I'm only 5'2".
  12. Foxy

    TA lower while PH still high after using Dry Acid to Lower PH (TA was OK)

    Thanks for the info on the price of RO, but I'm not interested in paying $400 regularly for the treatment. Drain/fill is less than $40 for me, replenishing my CYA, FC and adjusting my PH on a new fill is like $20. I don't know what else would have to be factored in to make the cost similar as...
  13. Foxy

    New Build in Surprise, AZ!!

    So pretty!! Great job!
  14. Foxy

    Adding Sun Shelf and Changing Stairs

    Where are you located? Prices vary a lot by location. I agree, that change is certainly an option. I just did a renovation on a pool just a little bigger and we changed the steps and sun shelf, sorry my thread is missing some of the pics due to photobucket...Pool Renovation in Henderson NV -...
  15. Foxy

    Pool Renovation in Henderson NV

    Here's a couple new pics, we are now 5 weeks since completion of the renovation. We only have 1 light, changed it from an old basic light to an Intellibrite 5G LED colored light, here's what it looks like on the white setting. Honestly, it's not very impressive with the other colors and I'm...
  16. Foxy

    Remodel questions - Beadcrete ok to use? What about a Travertine tile deck?

    My travertine is not sealed and it is the natural, unfilled finish, so it absorbs water pretty quickly and it's got texture which helps it not be slippery. Staining could be a concern with unsealed travertine, but it's not a concern of ours due to our landscaping, well lack of lol.
  17. Foxy

    OB in NW Las Vegas- Open book here and on a budget

    Howdy neighbor! Joining in to watch another local build, I'm not much help, but there's lots of great info around here.
  18. Foxy

    New Pool Build Los Angeles

    Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it with water.
  19. Foxy

    Lowering TA, Raising CH and PH

    "about half of what you expect..." Are you not using PoolMath to figure out what you need to do to change your levels? 4 gallons of what percentage MA? PoolMath says you would have needed 129oz of 31% MA or 280oz of 14% MA to go from 7.6 to 7.2. Also, you do realize that your trichlor pucks...
  20. Foxy

    How long does Free Chlorine last in your pool? (Daily Average)

    I'm losing on average 3ppm a day, I dose with bleach every evening in the summer, CYA of 40, non-SWG. I'm looking to convert to SWG next season, because we are traveling a bit more often in the summer than we use to.
  21. Foxy

    TA lower while PH still high after using Dry Acid to Lower PH (TA was OK)

    What is the CH level of your fill water and what was the cost for the RO treatment you had done? We have very hard fill water next door in NV also.
  22. Foxy

    New tests results completed - few questions

    Up to 4ppm of FC loss in 24 hours is considered normal loss, so your FC loss has been fine. FC loss will change with different factors including weather, amount of bathers in the pool, using a cover etc. CYA of 40 is good if you don't have a SWG, target your FC at 7ppm.
  23. Foxy

    Hard keeping Calcium up (pun intended)

    My understanding is the same as ProStreetCamaro, but I'm also no expert. I live in an area with naturally hard water, fill water is around 300 here, so our calcium will build up to over 1000 in our pools over a couple of years. Might it be a testing error or bad reagents?
  24. Foxy

    TA lower while PH still high after using Dry Acid to Lower PH (TA was OK)

    Sorry, I can't answer your questions, but I know what information you are going to be asked for, so here's a head start. What test kit are you using? Post your full test results. Fill in your signature with your pool info.
  25. Foxy

    New owner - have test results, what now... (pH? stop calcium Cl powder usage? etc)

    You should be able to refill 8000 gallons in a few hours if you have decent water pressure. I filled 15k gallon pool in July in about 8 hours with 2 hoses, we have high water pressure. I have to use a submersible pump and water hose to drain mine, so draining takes me a lot longer than...
  26. Foxy

    New Pool Test Results

    Looks good, congrats! You may want to bump your target FC up just a little if you are getting to 4 or lower regularly, just an extra precaution to avoid any issues. I have CYA of 40 and raise my FC to 7 every evening and it drops to 4, my minimum is 3, when I know the pool will be used I'll add...
  27. Foxy

    Starting over! Help!

    Test their fill water, except FC and CYA, that will give you are starting place for what they will need. Bleach and stabilizer right away. Yes, for 15k gallons you'll need around 80oz of stabilizer. Grab at least 6-8 gallons of bleach, you'll need them for the first few days, you'll probably...
  28. Foxy

    Remodel questions - Beadcrete ok to use? What about a Travertine tile deck?

    Re: Remodel questions - Beadcrete ok to use? What about a Travetine tile deck? I just removed around 700 ft of concrete deck and put in travertine pavers. I'm in the Las Vegas area so very hot here, the travertine is cooler than concrete and we are loving it! I replastered with quartz...
  29. Foxy

    Suggestions for resurfacing of in-ground pool

    If you are going to have the original plaster removed, you can replace it with any plaster you want that's available in your area, regular plaster, quartz plaster, pebble plaster, etc. Price varies by region, so you'll just have to get some quotes.
  30. Foxy

    When to add chloring/treat for PH balance?

    I manually chlorinate my pool, so that means during the summer I am pouring in bleach every single day. I lose around 3ppm of FC each day, so every evening I test and add bleach to stay above my minimum FC level. On the days when the pool is going to be used, I will add a little more bleach to...