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  1. Iceman 21

    Deck Jet Tool

    Thanks all
  2. Iceman 21

    Deck Jet Tool

    I have 3 Brass Deck Jets and seems like 2 of them have some blockage. Where can I purchase a pool to unscrew hen and clear out the line? No luck on Amazon.
  3. Iceman 21

    Replace IntelliChlor IC40???

    Looks like my IntelliChlor IC40 has dies after 6 yrs. Should I replace it w/ another IC40 or "upgrade" to the newer iChlor 30? Reviews on the iChlor 30 are mixed at best.
  4. Iceman 21

    Pentair IntelliCenter

    It looks like it will be out soon.
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    New SWG start up

    A friend of mine has finally finished their pool and it came out great. Issue is the recommended wait time of 30 before firing up the new Pentair IC 40 SWG runs into Memorial Day weekend. Any serious down side to firing it up just 1 week early so they can go ahead w/ their planned Memorial Day...
  6. Iceman 21

    Pool Lights Usage

    Yeah I have been pretty upset about the whole light failure issue. What are the odds? I think I will use them a few hours a night like I would like (on a timer) and cross my fingers
  7. Iceman 21

    Pool Lights Usage

    How often do you guys run your lights? Everyday, weekends, only when swimming? I would like to have mine on a few hours every night but I am worried about burning them out as I have had 5 light failures in 3 years. I have 3 Pentair LEDs.
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    Pentair Intellibrite 5G color - Fail

    I had 5 of them fail in 3 years
  9. Iceman 21

    New Build, Northern California

    I'm also in Roseville. Which pool builder did u go with?
  10. Iceman 21

    South Florida Pool & Outdoor Living - STARTUP PHASE

    How high do you have to pump ramped up on that bubbler?
  11. Iceman 21

    Another Intellibrite Color LED Failure

    I have had 5 go out (and 3 bubler lights) in 3 yrs
  12. Iceman 21

    Adam's Pebble Plus - Northern CA

    I'm interested also
  13. Iceman 21

    Best tile cleaner

    Any issues with chem levels after using the magic eraser?
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    DIY automation and Apple HomeKit

  15. Iceman 21

    What's your current pool temp?

    Cold front, rain and cloudy in N. Cali. Down to 76:mad:
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    DIY automation and Apple HomeKit

    Any out you guys building DIY automation of Raspberry Pi or whatever see this? How to create your own HomeKit-enabled accessories | iMore Apple has opened up HomeKit!! So theoretically if someone had a DIY automation box can add Siri integration. Now who's going to build one of these things...
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    Best tile cleaner

    Good Q
  18. Iceman 21

    Pentair ColorCascade major design defect... should be recalled.

    Yep. I have one on my shelf that has been replace FOUR TIMES so far since 2013
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    Movie screen fountain

    Here is my back yard theater I set up this year. I have since move to rear projection (same screen) so the projector isn't close to the pool
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    What kind of Skimmer Sock do you use?

    I did not know algae blooming inside the hoses was even a thing, but makes sense. I take my pool sweep out for a few hours when the kids go swimming, now I am concerned about algae when I take the sweep out. :( With all that said I use what ever skimmer sock is cheapest at the time on Amazon. I...
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    Outdoor step lighting on Deck?

    I have used both, HD and Volt brand light and Volt quality is waaaaaaay better than HD. Their LED bulbs are kinda pricey so Amazon is really the way to go for LED bulbs
  25. Iceman 21

    Outdoor step lighting on Deck?

    I used Volt brand lights ( and did it myself. I have 15 lights in my backyard (I think) and about 10 in my front yard. All LED and I think I'm under $1500. Do it yourself and save a ton.
  26. Iceman 21

    Pool toys - storage

    Another +1 for Keter Box. We also have 2 of them we got from Sams Club
  27. Iceman 21

    Pressure washer

    +1. Best thing I ever bought. I love it
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    Jandy lights failing yearly

    For what its worth I have had to replace 5 Pentair Intellibrite LED lights in 3 years
  29. Iceman 21

    Lights for front walk way (pavers), retaining wall, Solar? Electric?

    Nope, never had of the sort. And my backyard backs up to a big undeveloped area
  30. Iceman 21

    Lights for front walk way (pavers), retaining wall, Solar? Electric?

    Another vote for Volt and LED bulbs from Amazon then do it yourself, its what I did. For about $500-600 I am sure can can light up you whole space