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    WetEdge Luna quartz updated reviews

    I tried search but could only find a majority of reviews from 5 or 6 years ago. Back then there was some debate about consistency of the finish. Does anyone have positive reviews after having it installed for a few years? Our build starts in May and we're going with WetEdge Luna Quartz...
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    Pergolas and pavillions with new pool build - Tampa recommendations wanted

    We recently signed a contract to build a new pool, but just started thinking about building a detached pergola or pavillion. I texted our PB and he said they could do a 10x10 pergola for 11k. For those that have had these structures built, did you use your PB or contract it out to a company...
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    New build in Tampa

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker here from when I purchased my last home with a pool in 2013 till now. We recently bought a home without a pool and have received 6 or 7 designs and quotes from various builders. The yard has a couple foot slope away from the house towards a canal, so this design...