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  1. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Hi I was wondering how this installation by the our electricians looked since I was not home when they installed everything. I don’t see the salt cell but I assume that’s installed later. We have a bubbler light spa light and two pool lights I assume by this install we will not be able automate...
  2. FLGatorJoe

    Adding Second Pool Light-Help

    Our shell was completed about 10 days ago there in one large light but we would like to add another pool light in the shallow end. The PB said they can still drill into the shell and place one in the shallow end since they still need to do the plumbing work. I was concerned about drilling in the...
  3. FLGatorJoe

    New Build Florida-Shell Help

    Hi TFP community. I'm new to TFP but have been reviewing forums for the last few months and have learned quite a bit. Thank you in advance for all the posts and suggestions. We started our construction last week and they completed the shotcrete a few days ago. I was curious about the wall of...