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  1. 4x4tx

    Freeze start up with leaks

    I hear ya I guess I wasnt thinking we would lose power......Is what what opening up DE filter pressure valve does, let water back into the pool? Hopefully that saved my grids.
  2. 4x4tx

    Freeze start up with leaks

    Ok great thank you So for the next time we have great freeze...what could I have done differently here? I opened up the pressure valve on my DE filter, i opened both lids to my pumps. I forgot to open the chlorinator and it busted......originally I had power but lost it for 48 hours.
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  6. 4x4tx

    Freeze start up with leaks

    I removed the actuator off of the top....still couldnt tell where its cracked...probably not visible until under pressure. If I were to buy this valve, what do I ask for and what do they cost? The only quote I have received for repair is: $110 for the valve $20 for PVC $150 for labor If...
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  9. 4x4tx

    Freeze start up with leaks

    What do I need to replace in this pic? If I were to call a pool repairman what do I say I have and need done based on this video? I couldnt tell where it was leaking on the valve but definitely on the bottom of the actuator.
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    Polaris 280 wheels

    thanks..i wish I would have looked yesterday before I did it lol I followed a youtube video as well, my kit was had with all 4 wheels, the drive shaft bearings, a new tail and a new cleaner did not come with a new drive shaft but mine looked fine. I bought off amazon for...
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    Polaris 280 wheels

    Thanks....I will pull it out today and check it out...I went ahead and ordered the tuneup kit on sat and got that in yesterday. @HermanTX
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    Waterfall pump - rotten internal screws

    @JamesW what do you think?
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    Waterfall pump - rotten internal screws

    @ajw22 thanks I think this one says 3.5" total height..when i measure the old one its close to that...the other in the pic is over 4.25" QH QX6530 Capacitor Motor Run Round 30 uF MFD 370V HVAC: Home & Kitchen I think this what matches when I search the part number of...
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  24. 4x4tx

    Waterfall pump - rotten internal screws

    So my waterfall pump didnt run the last time I tried to turn it on...I dont really like running it as it just drops dirt into my pool. Anyway it wouldnt come on so I figured the capacitor was out. I replaced the capacitor while working on my other pump motor and now the pump runs but it...
  25. 4x4tx

    Polaris 280 wheels

    Ive noticed lately my cleaner is staying stuck in corners...looks like the front wheel and single wheel are turning..but middle and back wheel is not? What kind of adjustment do I need? Also looks like my scrubber on the tail is gone and the tail isnt really whipping around that...
  26. 4x4tx

    Posting builder quotes?

    Thank you. I am trying to remember, with a salt pool, is travertine a no no? What type of coping is considered the go to with a salt pool?
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    Spa Vs Stand Alone Hot Tub? Help! Save my marriage.

    Thanks...yeah I dont want or need a super fancy one either.
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    Posting builder quotes?

    Thank you!