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  1. pirateyoshi

    Water Loss/Leak. Need Equipment Pad help!

    Happy new year TFP! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can jump into my resurfaced pool! I have to still run the pump more than usual since its still curing (It was done on 12/5 and they did an additional acid wash on 12/28) but I want to at least have it all planned out to get it...
  2. pirateyoshi

    testing tag function

  3. pirateyoshi

    Brown Stain/Spot Identification

    I have not been able to figure out what these spots are. They are all in pits in the plaster near the water line. Didn't react to vitamin C or my SLAMing over the last few days. I have rubbed trichlor on it in the past and nothing seemed to change. The spots feel slightly smoother than the...
  4. pirateyoshi

    Cracks on step corners

    As I work on finding places where algae (black or otherwise) is growing for my newly acquired pool, I looked closer at the two cracks my pool has. I am not as concerned for the appearance as I am for any potential structural issues and beds for algae to grow. What options do I have for...
  5. pirateyoshi

    Pool Newbie from Orlando

    Greetings TFP! My name is Richard and I bought a house with my girlfriend 2 months ago that came with a lovely ~12000 gallon IRREGULAR CONCAVE DODECAGON pool. I have fond memories of forum culture back as a kid for games and such and have such a respect for science-based communities for things...
  6. pirateyoshi

    Pool Light Replacement?

    I am currently SLAMing away at some Black Algae for my pool at the house I bought a few months ago. I removed the pool light to see what was lurking in there and it was pretty gross. The light never worked so we assume the bulb is out. There are no markings on the bulb (I think I saw the word...
  7. pirateyoshi

    Black Algae Confirmation and Questions

    Good evening TFP, I just got my first house last month and it came with a ~7200-7500 gallon inground pool. It was pretty green when I first got it and I worked on it here and there until we moved in a few weeks ago. I have been shocking and brushing what I assume to be black algae for a while...