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  1. FLGatorJoe

    Deck Jets

    We have 3 deck jets with a 30x19 Geometric pool. We got them for our kids who love them. They are fairly loud but very fun for the kiddos. We also have Automation with a seperate pump to control our jets and bubblers which I highly recommend.
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  4. FLGatorJoe

    Aqua Cool vs Aqua White....and to Puerto Rico blend or not?

    We have Aqua cool with blue cobalt glass added..
  5. FLGatorJoe

    New Pool in Orlando

    I took a quick look at your quote and for that amount, see if your builder can throw in a LED light in the bubbler it looks awesome at night also a few more spa jets. For your size spa 6 jets would be nice. The quote didn't say the HP on the blower.
  6. FLGatorJoe

    Florida folks...costs?

    I agree with trying to find a house with a pool. The demand is high and construction supplies are on the rise. I know quotes are about 10% higher than the previous few years. 50k would be a very basic pool depending on the pool deck and finishes selected. If you add a spa add another 10-12k...
  7. FLGatorJoe

    New Pool in Orlando

    We have a 7x7 and it’s perfect size. Our neighbor has a 6x6 it’s a little tight for a family of 4. We have small children and they love it. They call it the small pool and they learned how to tread water there. They also felt initially safer there when they started to learn how to swim. I feel...
  8. FLGatorJoe

    Plaster question : Aqua cool mini pebble with blue glass beads

    Our plaster color was white.
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  10. FLGatorJoe

    New Pool in Orlando

    Great design kinda similar to ours but we have 3 deck jets instead of the sheer decent which was 1/3 of the price and we angled our spa on a 45 degree angle so it is a clear view of the spill-over from our sliders.
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  12. FLGatorJoe

    Plaster question : Aqua cool mini pebble with blue glass beads

    It looks a little more green compared to mine but I would give it more time to cure. It also depends the sun’s reflection. I’m in Florida and have Aqua Cool Mini Pebble with a Touch of Glass in Blue Cobalt with approximately 300lbs of glass and this is what our pool color looks like...
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  16. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Ok so screen logic 2 is the real key to simplifying things. Using the panel sounds like a pain. Going to ask the PB about the upgrade. I have a feeling they will inflate the price but can’t hurt to ask. Thanks again!
  17. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Thanks for the very detailed information GDN it’s much appreciated. So after looking at the panel the first button labeled Filter Pump that controls the main 3HP variable speed pump. Aux 1 will control the second 1 HP feature pump Aux 2 will control the Spa Blower Aux 3 Heat Pump and the lights...
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  19. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Thanks for the specifics. So we have a second 1HP pump controlling our bubbler and deck jets. A 1.5 HP blower for the spa and the 3 HP variable speed pump. The PB didn’t explain the specifics of the Easy Touch System the sales rep basically told us you can control your filter pumps heat pump...
  20. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Thanks again Jim. I thought a GFCI was supposed to in there. PB included the Screen Logic2 I checked the contract we are supposed receive the Easy Touch PSL4 with Screen Logic2. Is if difficult to upgrade the panel to add other Auxiliaries for example landscape lights. I know now is the time to...
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  22. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Thanks Jim. I was told by the PB that I would be able to control the IC salt system via the Easy Touch is that still possible? How do the relays and wiring look? Thanks
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  24. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Thanks guys the light in the Spa and Pool are the Pentair Intellibrite 5g 12v LED color lights. I’ll take a few pics of the wiring and relays when I get home.
  25. FLGatorJoe

    Pentair Easy Touch Installation Help/Questions

    Hi I was wondering how this installation by the our electricians looked since I was not home when they installed everything. I don’t see the salt cell but I assume that’s installed later. We have a bubbler light spa light and two pool lights I assume by this install we will not be able automate...
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  29. FLGatorJoe

    Adding Second Pool Light-Help