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  1. jayden

    Fiberglass Pool Build - Equipment Help

    My installer said he has 2 lights on his 16x40 (G2 saphire) and that they light up the whole pool. My concern was that they're not dimmable, so if they're too bright I think that will bother me and we won't be able to adjust. I'd rather be on the dimmer side personally. However you have the...
  2. jayden

    Fiberglass Pool Build - Equipment Help

    Hard to tell from still photos but the G2 was quite sparkly in the sun. I'm sure the G3 is gleaming but I'm glad we went with the G2 for the lighter Saphire color. Maybe if you go darker you will want G3.
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  6. jayden

    Fiberglass Pool Build - Equipment Help

    Thanks @csconner I'll keep that in mind. They just placed mine today and will be doing the fill starting tomorrow. I'll double check that they support that ledge properly. @Millerm914 I'll post a pic or two of the shell here and then I'll start a build thread. We're going with stamped concrete...
  7. jayden

    Fiberglass Pool Build - Equipment Help

    My Fiji is being installed next week so I can take some pics of the color if you'd like. We opted for sapphire blue (g2). We have 3 lights being installed, two deck jets, a salt chlorinator, in floor cleaning system and a slide. I can provide more details on the equipment later I don't have them...
  8. jayden

    Prices for concrete patio

    Thanks. Just curious what their price Sq ft. Is on the pavers? I checked out your pics and it looks great!
  9. jayden

    Prices for concrete patio

    I have, it really doesn't bother me but I have a feeling the rest of the family might be a little more sensitive. I was exploring aggregate as I understood it to be a slightly more affordable option to stamped but I was surprised by the quote I received so I was wondering what others had...
  10. jayden

    Prices for concrete patio

    Hi I'm building a pool this spring and it's time to pick out the patio. I'm looking at concrete, stamped and aggregate options. I was under the impression from various threads on here and elsewhere that aggregate prices would fall somewhere between brushed concrete and stamped however I got a...
  11. jayden

    Building a pool in MA

    Hi, I'm new to the site. We are installing a FG Viking Fiji model (15'x34' with a Saphire gelcoat) this upcoming spring. We added a SW chlorinator, Vantage in-floor cleaning system, 2 deck jets, 3 LEDs, a Typhoon pool slide and a heat pump heater. The decking will be stamped concrete. Cheers!
  12. jayden

    Patio/Fiberglass Pool Project on Grade

    Greetings! How is the Fiji working out for you guys? Your design came out great. We ordered ours around Christmas for a spring install. I was 50/50 on the sun shelf but I know my wife would rather lounge than swim most of the time so we choose this model as compared to the Cancun. Do you still...