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  1. Surf_ox

    SLAM theory question

    Would doing the slam when water is cooler take a shorter time than if it was over 85. I.e. The environment for growing things is more suitable at warmer temps thereby taking longer. Just wondering aloud. Anyone done it during both scenarios?? -------------- Don't ever hesitate to try...
  2. Surf_ox

    Surf_ox redo

    Ok here's the official numbers. The other thread I wasn't ready for specifics just yet. Just guidance on tendencies for pebble sheen surface. I have a 13,000 gal pool on east side of house (full sun til 2pm) in Cypress, TX (will update sig once i find that link again) Readings at 600p 8/13...
  3. Surf_ox

    Pebble _________ and the TFP method

    About to leave the dark side. CYA is on the high side (from pucks go figure) Draining and refilling some now. What numbers do you aim for for a Pebble sheen/tec pool? Are they any different from regular plaster. Located in cypress TX. Yes it was over 100 for the last 5 days. Thanks for...