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    Pentair Heater Pressure Relief Valve

    Hello all. Thanks for everyone’s help. Got a new check valve installed thanks to y’all’s expertise. Good news is the plumbing held after the install and elsewhere since the freeze in TX. Bad news is I saw a leak while testing and realized this bad boy corroded away and finally snapped...
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    Got it. Seems like there’s a chance I could cut on the left side of the broken valve flush and keep the elbow. Straight piece next then 2nd elbow then check valve vertical. seems like having the check valve vertical is a good idea...agree?
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    Thank you. I think I’m with you. Question on the first cut after the three way valve. Is that straight or more 45*. Not sure how much clearance there is to the three way valve. Assuming I’ll need a replacement elbow (x2) and then I think I follow you what you suggest after that. Amazing...
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    Thank you. This idea is gaining popularity:). Your cut suggested near the that at 45* and then try heat to get the rest of the elbow off?
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    so I understand are you saying after making the cut there would be a new length of pipe where the old valve is and then relocate the valve to be vertical after the second elbow? Thank you for your help.
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    Hi there...hope these are visible...cracked most of the way down the housing water dripping from the bottom
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    Cracked Jandy Check Valve

    Hello all. Thank you guys for the storm advice. I’m sure there may be more damage to find once under pressure but the main visual damage i see here is this cracked valve. Hoping I might be able to DIY but the proximity to the next valve has me concerned. Would love a recommendation about...
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    Hard Freeze with Power Failure Central TX

    Hello all...first time poster long time reader. Here in Austin the polar vortex got us...overnight single digits and sub zero winds...about 8” of snow. Pump was running until about 1230am when the power went out. About 8 hours later and no power. I’ve turned off the breaker in case the power...