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    Does it harm pool if keep total alkalinity very low?

    I have tried keep TA before 50-80 range, but PH keep going up every 2-3 day from 7.4 to about 8. Now I haven't add any baking soda for 3 weeks and TA at 10, pool PH is very stable in week it will raise from 7.4 to 7.6. Been reading low TA causes etching, staining, corrosion etc.. Is that case...
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    Does anyone have experience fresh water ionised pool system?

    Just bought OXI & ION Cell system to my new pool, wondering if anyone have experience with similar system. My system use copper and silver ionizer and oxidisation with 500ppm salt to generate small amount chlorine for pool. If anyone have or know someone with similar system, I would be greatly...
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    Main drain on overflow pool (Infinity pool)

    Hi, I'm in process to start build new pool, do I need install main drain on overflow pool. For removing water after heavy rains with out main drain, can I just use waste from filter? Pool going to be 4x8m 1.4m deep rectangular pool, going to run it with 1hp variable speed pump. For the inlets...