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    Turning on pool heater (Chicago area)

    Finally the pool is functional and the heater is fixed but of course now we have cooler weather. This Wednesday should reach 80 degrees and I'd like to let my kids swim. Should I turn on the heater now to get it to a temp of about 82? Pool is about 30,000 gallons. I've been told that to heat...
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    Pool is nearly filled to the equipment

    The pool company is coming soon and one thing they mentioned is I should move the equipment since its downhill from the pool. House/pool is at the top and the pool equipment is downward the hill. Anything I should look out for once we test the equipment?
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    Drained and cleaned pool...

    With the help of a pool company (which are great folks) I'm in the process of refilling it. They guessimated the pool is 30,000 gallons. My question is it ok to leave the hose on for about 48 hours when I'm on well water? This is the first house I owned with well water so I was curious to...
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    Draining pool

    First off thanks so much for everyone that's helped me out so far. The submersible pump I bought has worked like a charm. now that I have the pool drained this far I plan on sweeping out as much leaves as possible and buying a leaf vacuum for the deeper end. a pool company was supposed to...
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    Still confused on how to open the pool up

    First off I'd like to say I'm very much enjoying the site and the information. I've posted on here in the past but the consensus seems to buy a test kit but I don't know if my equipment works/leaks etc. Also we have had record braking amount of rain here in May and the pool water is rising...
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    Pool level and tiles

    We've had some serious rainfall this past weekend and the pool level has rised pretty high up towards the tile. Is this okay? Also I received a quote from what seems like a reputable company which I like because they seem honest. They said that to drain the pool clean it power wash it etc...
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    Should I drain and start fresh with my pool?

    I purchased this house back in November of last year and I'm not sure how long ago the house has been abandoned but I did confirm through this forum that the pool was winterized. Posted photos etc. What should be the best first step I should take? 1) clean the pool 2) drain the pool and start...
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    Faint smell of gas near equipment

    Purchased the home AS IS last November and confirmed thru some post on here that the previous owner has the pool winterized. I noticed some gas smell near this. Nothing should be on so is this normal or how to do shut the gas completely off?
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    My insurance company emailed me saying I do not have a fence around the pool. Is this a requirement in Illinois?

    House is vacant which I informed them but once I move in is this going to be a problem? Many of the pools I've seen in the area and neighborhood no one seems to have a fence around their pool.
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    Should I clean the pool now or wait till Spring?

    Just purchased a property with a 40x20 in ground pool in the Chicago area. I sent these photos to a pool company and he recommended a cleaning. A custom cover would cost possibly 8K due to the large retaining wall. Should I proceed with a cleaning or wait till Spring? Also, I'm sure this...
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    Recommended by Reddit to come here

    Just bought a property with a pool and completely new to this! Already had a general quote of over 8K for a winter cover and good God what did I get myself into!