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    Icicle on skimmer

    I have an above ground pool. When I winterized I put a plastic cover over the skimmer box. So either that leaks or the gasket where skimmer box and pool connect. I’m not sure which leaks but now I have a huge icicle coming out of skimmer box. Do you think it’s gonna crack it ? I don’t think...
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    Any tips for this hose

    I can’t get this to budge. The clamps are loosened . It’s just the hose seems to be super glued on .
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    Can’t believe I have algae again

    Pool chemistry is good Fc-6.0 Cc-0 Alkalinity-90 Ph-7.6 ish Stabilizer 30 Ch-didn’t check but last time was fine Water is crystal clear I realize I asked a couple times but this is my last attempt to find out. I’m at a loss here. I slammed on 2 occasions. Passed the overnight loss...
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    My last 2 questions for the season

    I went in to brush the walls and bottom today and I noticed just one green spot the size of a dime on the floor. I got it with my toe and it disappeared. Could it be anything else besides algae ? . 2 weeks ago I had several spots that were the same thing. I never had green or cloudy water. Just...
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    Pool is hazy

    It’s hard to describe because my water isint cloudy. It just Dosent have the pure clarity it did when I first got it filled. I think it’s due to the amount of trees and falling leaves , pollen , and also bird droppings. It’s a jungle around my pool lol. Can you guys recommend I go a clarifier...
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    Anyone recommend a good robot

    Want a robot for a 24 round above ground pool. I see a dolphin e10 I think it was for 500 on Amazon. Is that good or should I get something different
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    New algae questions

    I’ve noticed green spots on bottom of pool. Most are about the size of a dime. They easily come up with a rub from my foot with a sock on. I did whole floor with sock and the sides with the brush. I didn’t see anything on sides but brushed anyways. I have a few questions I hope you guys can...
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    Slacked on vaccume for a while

    The pool wasn’t getting much debris so I didn’t vaccume for 2 weeks. So when I did it today I noticed for the first time green spots on floor. They wouldn’t come up without a scrub. Than when I was swimming I noticed spots here and their I missed and was able to get it off with a foot rub. Was...
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    Man please help I think pool leaks

    So today I noticed a thumb size indentation in the pool floor. It’s About an inch deep. I went down to feel it and surprisingly it Dosent have any hardness underneath . It actually stretches if I push on it lightly. I didn’t want to push harder because I’m afraid it will rupture. Do you guys...
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    Closing question

    I read a thread about closing . It says to bring to shock level for 24 hours. After that should I wait for the fc ppm to drop to a certain level before covering ? And do you guys add algacide for the winter? Thanks in advance for any advice 😊
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    Lint in water

    The day I got my pool filled it was absolutely crystal clear. It’s still clear but not the sparkle it had once fresh filled. I’ll explain. If you look towards the bottom of pool When standing up inside pool it’s clear. But if you look from one end of pool to the other it’s kind of hazy. The...
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    Cya level

    Does cya go down through evaporation slowly over time. ?
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    Things I don’t understand please clarify

    The tf-100 kit I have , the card says TA should be between 100-120 for chlorinated pools. Pool math says ideal is 60-80 . So what am I supposed to follow and strive for ? Dosent make sense to me. Also the belief here is to keep fc levels well above the considered norm. The taylor test...
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    Tf100 kit ?

    The drop test for the fc and ph tester is meant for everyday use. Is their a way I can calculate to read higher fc levels. Meaning it only tests up to 5 for fc levels. With a cya at 40 or higher the Recommend levels of fc are higher than 5. This causes me to use the other test with the powder...
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    At the pool store

    I got my water tested just to compare a little . The pool store guy was losing his mind that my that my fc was at 7 . He says it should be at 2 and that even 3 is a little high. I brang up cya and he looked at me like I am an idiot. How can a pool store not know this . ? Is tf method users...
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    I want green water

    This trouble free method makes it too easy to keep a crystal clear pool. I’m thinking about not adding bleach for a few days so the water greens up a bit. I need a challenge
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    Going on vacation

    I will be leaving on a Sunday and coming back on Wednesday. I do have a timer for the filter. Should I boost the water to slam level ? Is their consequences from going above slam level ? Basically I don’t want to ask someone to take care of pool when I’m gone.
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    Ta is at 90

    Should I slightly raise this or leave it alone ? If I should raise what should I use ?
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    Electrician expense.

    Had the electrician here. For a 24 round pool I paid 2500. That was to ground the pool and also pay an inspector. Is this typical? I thought that was a lot of money. He actually said it’s a good deal
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    I hope someone reads this

    I dug a trench around the pool for a ground wire. It’s an above ground , round pool. The electrician is coming today to do his thing and he mentioned that he’s going to drill a hole into my skimmer box because the code says it has to be grounded their as well. Has anyone heard of this ? I can’t...
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    Going on vacation q

    my mom can add 10 percent bleach while I’m gone and pool filter is on timer. To this date I haven’t figured out a daily dose. Can anyone recommend a daily dose to maintain a 24 round 52 high pool that gets a decent amount of sun. The cya is 40. I get it’s not going to be perfect. I’m just...
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    Oclt is overrated

    I hate to complain when everyone here has been very helpful. But when doing the oclt test I wanted to be sure my numbers were right so I did multiple fc tests and they come back different every time. The difference was more than 1ppm so the oclt test is invalid imo. I was getting between 20 to...
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    Slamming ?

    Does slamming cause an initial spike in cc ?
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    When to slam ?

    Is slamming only needed if my pool level is cloudy? I’ve always had cc of .5 in pool. Yesterday I bumped up the fc to 7.5. Today it’s down to 3.5 and my cc is now up to 1.5 . Water is clear but now I’m getting concerned. To be totally clear it was 7.5 in the morning. Last night I added roughly 2...
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    Help me get rid of cc

    I want my cc down to zero. Is slamming the only way to do it or can I just bump the fc up a little for a few days ? My stabilizer is roughly 30. Right now my fc is elevated to 7.5 . I raised it on purpose to try and get this under control. My cc is .50 . I know it’s not really high but I want it...
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    Please help I’m concerned

    A pool guy told me that this particular store has the most high tech pool water tester around. I took a sample their and they had these results Fc- 1.37 Tc-1.86 Cc-0.49 Hardness- 125 Ph-7.9 Everything else was considered ok so I didn’t list. But they wanted me to buy shock and ph down and and...
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    Just thinking

    Can I take a clear glass of pool water. Than add a lot of shock too it. Will it change color if I have metal/iron / minerals in my pool ? I never have my pool at shock level so how would I know
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    Well water

    So I’ve had my pool up and running crystal clear for 3 weeks now. I had it filled with tankers/ trucks. I noticed today I want to top off the pool and it needs quite a bit of water. I’m using well water. I definitely have alot of minerals in the water because it clogs the shower heads in the...
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    Filter question

    I have a heyward sand filter . Above ground pool. When I vaccume I try hard to get most air out of hose. But when I connect it and start vacuuming their is always air in the bottom skimmer that’s on the ground. It seems half air and half water in their. Is this normal or am I doing something...
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    Ph test ?

    Is their a more accurate way to test ph ? The color I’m seeing when I add the 5 drops , shake and compare , is questionable.