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    Pool Electric Timer

    I have a GE Time Switch that I am having issues with. For the past few years it has been making a loud buzzing noise when on the "Timer" setting and the timer actually "on" (didn't make any noise when switch was "ON".. This year the electric is on when on all three settings ("On", "Off"...
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    Solar Panel Heaters

    Has anyone had success with solar panel heaters? If so, where are you located, what size pool do you have, how many panels and what brand do you have, and how much improvement have you seen? I am thinking about buying one/some but I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. Thanks!
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    Heating Ideas

    I am looking for some advice on ideas on how to heat our AGP pool this summer. With the stay-at-home order and strict regulations being imposed in Illinois it looks like my son won't be having a travel baseball season this year. Therefore, we be spending a lot more time in the pool this...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    I posted this over in the Filter, Pump and Plumbing section but didn't get any responses so figured I'd try here. I am looking for suggestions on upgrading our pool filter and/or pump if it makes sense. Here is our current setup: AGP - 27' Round - 54" Hayward Sand Filter - SW256TPAKS Hayward...
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    Pump/Filter Upgrade Recommendations

    I am looking for suggestions on upgrading our pool filter and/or pump if it makes sense. Here is our current setup: AGP - 27' Round - 54" Hayward Sand Filter - SW256TPAKS Hayward Power-Flo LX Pump - 1.0 HP Single Speed - 60 GPM Pool and equipment is all 9 years old. Pump only runs filter and...
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    Rust Treatment

    We are starting to get some rust on our pool. The spot below was from a liner leak which has been patched: We are also starting to get some rust along the bottom in some sections: So my question is how should I handle this. We don't need a new liner yet (hopefully) so am just planning on...
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    Overflow through Skimmer Cover Hole

    In past years our pool has often overflowed through the skimmer cover hole when we get a lot of rain. I believe this is adversely affecting our lansdscaping due to the high chlorine levels. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?
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    Trees/Shrubs for Privacy Around a Pool

    I am looking for tree/shrub suggestions to plant along the back of our lot to provide some privacy for our above-ground swimming pool (see pictures). Currently no one lives behind us but eventually someone will build. Currently we have Sky Rocket Junipers and Balsam firs planted around it but...
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    Hard Piping Sand Filter

    My filter has developed a leak between the Hayward pump and the Hayward sand filter. I have tried cutting off the end of the hose (1.5" braided clear hose I believe), tried using multiple clamps, magic lube, plumbers tape, etc and it is still leaking. What is the best way to hard plump this...
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    Rust on Pool Panel

    Awhile ago I noticed a small rust spot (about the size of a dime) on one of our pool panels (see below). I assumed it was surface rust as the water level in our pool doesn't seem to be dropping more than normal. Today my wife started pushed on the spot and it is weeping water. I can't seem to...
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    Solar Panel Test

    After doing quite a bit of research I am starting to think that using solar panels might be our best option to heat our pool. Before making a huge investment though I would like to buy one panel as a "test" to see how such a system would work. My wife is apprehensive about the panels (someone...
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    Solar Panel Questions

    After doing some research (including speaking to a couple of plumbers) it looks like a properly sized gas heater or heat pump is out of the budget for now. That being said, I would like to try a couple of solar panels this year. Our biggest challenge, however, is where to put them. House roof...
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    Heater Questions

    I am looking for some help/advice on possibly adding a heater to our pool setup. We have a 27' AGP pool (approximately 20k gallons). We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago, we use a solar cover, and the pool is in full sun from early morning until 5 PM or so. An ideal heater would...
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    Best "Upgrade/Modification" of AGP

    With spring coming I was wondering what the best upgrade/modification people have done to their AGP after the initial install. Of the top of my head I'm looking for ideas to make cleaning easier, maintenance time less, swimming experience better, ambiance improvements, etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Heating Options

    We have a 27' above ground pool (approximately 20k gallons) and are contemplating buying a heater for this year. I've been doing some research but am unsure what would be the best option for us. Here is some info on our situation: 1. The pool is used a lot during the summer. My wife is a...
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    Approximate Cost Heater

    I am trying to budget for a heater and hoping to come up with an idea of cost. The pool is as follows: -27' round above ground pool. 54" deep (approximately 19,500 gallons) -Pool is sun from early morning until approximately 5PM -We are located in a suburb of Chicago -We use a solar cover -We...
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    Intex PureSpa

    Does anyone have any experience with the inflatable Intex PureSpa? Target has them on sale for $400. Seems like an inexpensive alternative to see if a permanent hot tub might be a good idea in a few years. Also, would putting such a hot tub on our pool deck be okay? I estimate the hot tub...
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    Pool Heater Ideas

    I am trying to come up with ideas on how to heat our 27' 54" above ground pool (approximately 19,000 gallons). Ideally we'll invest in an electric or gas heater but it won't be for at least a year. For this year I'd like to just gain a couple of degrees of temperature on average (kids and wife...
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    Solar Cover Recommendations

    After having a pool for three seasons now, our solar cover was falling apart and was thrown away. Now I need to purchase a new one. Any suggestions on the best one for heat retention/heat generation? We have a 27' round above ground by the way. Thanks!
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    Outdoor Speaker Recommendations

    I am looking to purchase a pair of outdoor speakers for our pool deck that will be hooked up to a Denon AVR1613 receiver. The speakers I'm looking at are: Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Monoprice 106970 3-1/4-Inch 30W Nominal and 60W Max 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Pair Speakers...
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    Mustard Algae

    For the past two summers I've had terrible mustard algae problems that I'm hoping to prevent this coming year. I know I need to be more diligent about shocking once it does happen but I'm hoping to not get to that point. What should I be doing to prevent it? I do have a TFT test kit that I...
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    Music Outside

    I am starting to think Spring (hopefully someday it will come) and wanted to improve our music system outside. Right now we just use one of those small Logitech docking stations (like this: Logitech S715i) but the sound isn't the greatest and they don't last more than a couple of years. What I...
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    Intermatic Transformer for Volt Lights

    I recently purchased an Intermatic transformer (ML200RT) for a low voltage landscaping system I am planning. I am planning on using Volt and Paradise fixtures and using LED bulbs bought on ebay. However, I contacted Intermatic to make sure the transformer was magnetic and has an AC output (which...
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    Low Voltage Lighting Questions

    I have started looking at installing a low voltage outdoor lighting system and after doing a day or research, have the following question: 1. What would be a decent downlight spotlight around between $25-$40. I know that solid brass is best, but everything I've seen is over $50. The lights will...
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    How long do test chemicals last?

    I ordered a TF-100 test kit two years ago and have had great luck with it. However, I was wondering how long the various chemicals in it last? Do certain chemicals in it expire and need to be reordered? Thanks in advance!
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    Mustard Algae Question

    Last year I had a terrible time with algae and didn't realize until the end of the season that it was probably mustard algae. I would regular shock our pool with bleach, and a week later it would be green again. I never really got rid of it. My question is, do I need to worry about it this...
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    Algae Issues - Green All Summer!

    I'm hoping someone can help me with our algae problem. First I'll provide some background.....we had a 27' above ground pool installed last Spring (2011) and had absolutely no problems keeping the water sparkling clean using bleach. This summer we are using the same method and the pool is...
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    Will an undersized solar cover reel work?

    Recently I got a great deal on a Odyssey solar cover reel. However, when I got it home I realized it was for a max pool of 24' (not the 27' it was avertised as). Can I get it to wok as is? It has three 8' lengths of piping (the 27' is suppose to have three 10' sections) and the lenghts are...
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    Odyssey M828 Solar Cover Reel

    Does anyone have any experience with the Odyssey M828 Solar Cover Reel? Thanks!
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    Trees/shrubs around above ground pool

    I am looking for suggestions on trees or shrubs we can plant around our above ground pool (4' high). The area is between the pool and back of our yard and is 10' wide at the narrowest point. We are looking for trees/shrubs that will provide privacy up to 12-15' Thanks in advance!