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    My Stenner won't Stenner

    My Stenner pump will not move anything. I've replaced the tube and it operates but when I test it with a bowl of water nothing happens. I'm not sure you could prime it but its self priming. Any ideas?
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    Removing Iron From Pool

    Homeowner in Elk Grove CA needs help. High Iron in pool.
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    Rescue In an Electrically Charged Pool

    Attached below is a tragic story of a man who lost his life trying to save his daughter in an electrically charged pool. Silicon Valley exec dies trying to save daughter in pool - SFGate We don't know all the facts but one lesson is clear: If there is any sign that the problem is electrical...
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    ph vs TA My Battle

    My TA was hovering around 60 all summer long. After woring all fall to bring it up I have it and the pool stable at TA of 90 and ph of 7.8. Its held this for a month without any additions of baking soda or MA. Should I just leave it here or try and get the TA up to 100 and the ph down to...
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    Where Do I File A Complaint ?

    So I have been using TFP and the BBB method for the past two years. This morning, after a major storm, heavy rain and leaves blown all over ( insert short word for very hot place ending in ll) I went out to survey my pool. In the overcast morning light I COULDN'T SEE THE WATER LEVEL ON MY...
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    Adding Stenner Pump to Jandy Aqualink Problems

    I have added a Stenner pump and I want to control it through my Jandy Aqualink P4. I am stumped. I have wired it to Aux 3. I have power to the line terminal on the relay. But no mater what I do, I can't seem to get power to the load terminal on the relay. Is there a step I am missing? Is...
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    Solar Design Issue

    I am in the process of building a 24000 gal gunite pool. My Solar Contractor wants to place the collectors on my south facing second story roof. The problem, my pool is on the north east side of the house. That means a long run over the roof and over the ridge for all the water. The...