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    Water shotcrete shell while it cures?

    Both our PB and the shotcrete subcontractor told us the same thing. Said it’s not necessary to water. The shotcrete company does pools all over town.
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Thought I’d post some more photos. The shotcrete was finished up the following day with no issue. After that, they removed the forms and back filled. Last week the pool was tiled. This week the plumbing got roughed in and the plumbers should be back tomorrow to finish up. We’re making slow but...
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Kim, funny you say that because they weren’t able to finish today. 😭 They said something was wrong with the shotcrete. They sent one truck back and tried replacing it with a second truck, but the mix was still off. So they’ll have to finish the job tomorrow. The PB promised that this won’t...
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Thanks Kim! No rain so far. Hope everyone stays safe from the storms that are brewing. Need your help guys. Gunite is here and there’s a question about the width of our steps. PB plans to make them 15” wide. Is that standard? I just don’t want it looking too wide. Edit: We’ve settled on 15”...
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Oh no, it’s going to rain all week! What are the chances they will shoot while it’s raining?
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    I’ll PM you the info.
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    I totally agree! Are you saying you imagine it should be a few feet below the seat? I think it’s supposed to be just under the bench when it’s all shot with gunite. I’m just trying to picture it. I suppose it could look kinda cool when you’re sitting on the bench!
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Here’s a wider picture of the pool with rebar.
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Rebar was completed Wednesday. We passed one of only two city inspections Thursday and we’re getting gunite on Monday (yay!). The plan right now is to have one of the lights in the deep end bench below the seat. Has anyone ever seen this? There are 4 lights total planned for the pool, so it will...
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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Hi all, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the constructions posts as we've researched and planned our pool build these past few months and I'm excited I can finally contribute to the "Under Construction" forum! All of our pool stats are in my signature line. The yard was "scraped" last...
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    Impossible to change waterline tiles?

    I know this is subjective but for what it’s worth, I like it. What color is the finish? We’re getting ready to build a pool and I’ve been looking at the CL Industries site to try to decide on a color. Planning to go and see some pools soon so I’m trying to narrow down the choices.
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    Unsure of Which Pool Type is Best for Us

    @LuschMommy $100k will get you the pool of your dreams! We are building our 15x30 gunite pool for about 55k. That includes pebble finish, four LED lights, and great Pentair equipment. Now, we aren’t getting a spa or any water features but figure $1k for a bubbler and $12k for a spa - at least in...
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    @bbqjosh I wish we had done that. We got Tremron Sierra pavers in the Mega Old Towne style.
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    We've signed a pool contract and our current plan is to continue the concrete pavers that we just installed last year around our pool and as the coping. Unfortunately, I really do not like our pavers. Although they look fantastic, they get terribly hot in the our full sun backyard. So hot that...
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    Need advice on a yard with multiple easements in Florida!

    We're in a similar boat. We are also contending with a drainage easement and limited space. Our PB told us that pavers would be fine on the easement because they are removable, but we've decided to stay off of the easement because we don't want any title issues down the road when we go to sell...
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    New pool build in Allen TX

    Your build looks awesome! We would like to build a gabled covered patio over our gabled roof - similar to yours. Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the roof extension? Were you able to build it with just the two end posts and no posts near the house? Also, what is holding up the two...