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    New to TFP system...not sure what to do next

    Thanks for your reply. Here’s a photo of the water. It’s way more clear now - Sunday you couldn’t see the bottom - but still very off color. Yes, the reading was a 4...not. .4. But honestly, I’m not super sure I am correctly doing the test. I’m following the directions and they are pretty...
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    Hi from Colorado!

    Hi there! I'm Joy and I live just outside of Denver, Colorado. We are on our 3rd summer of owning our 24' round above ground pool. It brings a TON of joy to our family and I actually enjoy taking care of it. I'm married to Travis, we have four kids, two dogs....just living life. Excited to get...
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    New to TFP system...not sure what to do next

    Hi there! I'm Joy, and brand new to TFP. This is the 3rd summer we've had our pool. To date, I've used chemicals from In The Swim...found your site over the winter and excited to try the TFP system. Pool is open and I've been using the pool math app. My results are below...just not sure what to...