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    Intellichlor update.

    Here are some ideas that Pentair can use to upgrade the Intellichlor with a software update. 1) Display the cell temperature in the Automation diagnostics. 2) Display volts and amps 3) Allow user to tell the software to ignore the cell temperature and use the system temperature when the cell...
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    Blurry pictures.

    Why are the pictures blurry until you click on them? That makes it harder to go through the posts quickly.
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    Backup power.

    For people who are losing power, how many have backup power? What backup power do you have? Do you have solar, natural gas or what? Who plans to get backup power and what do you plan to get? Do you have or plan to get a battery wall? With so many people working from home, people can’t...
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    IntelliFlo VSF System Curve Generator.

    Pentair could create a system curve generator for their IntelliFlo VSF paired with IntelliCenter. The pump could run a program where the pump runs at several different speeds and records the flow and head loss. Then, with enough data points, a system curve is generated on the IntelliCenter web...
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    Variable speed pumps should be limited to 2,500 rpm.

    In my opinion, they should make a line of variable speed pumps that are limited to 2,500 rpm. The big benefit would be that they could install a larger impeller for the same horsepower. This would allow the pump to be run slower for all flow rates. The main difference would be that the pump...
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    This product does not exist.

    I found out where the scam products for pools come from. They are generated by an A.I developed by computer chip maker Nvidia called StyleGAN. They first use the site below to generate a fake chemical and then they populate the company with fake people from the next site...
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    Design help. Interesting site for pool design.
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    TDS as a measure of water quality has limited value. It can be somewhat useful in certain cases, but you have to know how to understand the tests. For one thing, many contaminants will become a problem well before they would cause a significant increase in the TDS. Metals will cause...
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    Halloween will be on a Friday the 13th this year. So, extra scary. Everyone please be careful.
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    Who is the Ideal Service Person?

    Who is the Ideal Service Person? Part of the reason this website exists is to help people take care of their own pool. And, part of the reason for the need is that it can be difficult to find good service people that we can trust to do things right for a fair price. Many people here have had a...
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    SWG power usage.

    Measuring power usage for SWGs topic created from a side topic from this thread. Pump run time/SWG output If using a wattmeter to measure power usage of a SWG, the voltage needs to be correct for the meter to match how the SWG is wired. The watts measured should be close to what is...
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    Singles' day.

    Happy singles' day to all of our Chinese friends.
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    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is due to launch in a little bit over a year. It should be pretty cool. It should be able to see hundreds or even thousands of miles into space, so who knows what we might see.
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    Pool fill time.

    A pool has 3 independent fill lines. One can fill the pool in 7 hours, one can fill it in 12 hours and the third can fill it in 19 hours. How much time would it take to fill the pool using all three fill lines simultaneously?
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    Can a cracked filter be fixed?

    My opinion is that there is no acceptable fix for a cracked filter. Does anyone have any methods that they think would provide a good fix?
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    Water quality.

    Watch Full Episodes Online of NOVA on PBS | S44 Ep10: Poisoned Water This video is a good example of how important water quality is and how much poor quality can affect people's lives. It also shows how people who are responsible for water quality can get things very wrong.
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    intelliflo vsf 11056

    There is an IntelliFlo pump called intelliflo vsf model number 11056. I think that it might combine the functionality of the vs and vf in one pump. It doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Does anyone know about this pump?
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    Getting rid of "Service Factor" for motors.

    Does service factor have any value? In my opinion, it has no value. In fact, I think that it only causes problems and confusion. The only number that really matters is the Total HP of the motor. Motor makers make two identical motors and label one as 1 hp with a 1.65 service factor and the...
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    Drain Testing using Dye For Effect

    Drain Testing using Dye For Effect on Pool Circulation - YouTube Maybe the test in this video is real, but in my opinion it does not look right. I don't think that the dye would float by if the drain was pulling 800 gpm. The video was posted by a channel called "Suction Entrapment ". Maybe...
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    How cool is that? With the finding of the Higgs and the detection of gravitational waves, it's an exciting time for science. Now, if anyone has any ideas about dark energy or dark matter, maybe we can get those figured out as well.
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    Intellichlor temperature compensation

    The IntelliChlor tends to have problems with temperature compensation. I think that it’s most likely due to an unreliable temperature sensor. I think that the sensor tends to drift away from the true water temperature over time, in many cases. If the water temperature measurement is off, the...
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    How salt systems determine salinity.

    The AutoPilot uses a separate trisensor outside of the cell, which contains a conductivity meter, which determines salinity. The AquaPure also uses a separate trisensor outside of the cell, which contains a conductivity meter, which determines salinity. The IntelliChlor uses a conductivity...
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    SWG Temperature compensation.

    The Pentair IntelliChlor salinity measurement is temperature compensated based on information from Pentair. The Hayward AquaRite does not use conductivity. It uses the performance of the cell. I think that it definitely uses temperature in determining salinity. The Jandy AquaPure and...
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    Lowering TA with borates.

    Lowering carbonate alkalinity can be faster and easier with borates. For example, if you start with a ph of 7.9, you can add more acid with borates than without. The amount that the carbonate alkalinity is lowered depends on how much acid is added. After the initial addition of acid to lower...
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    AquaRite thermistor

    The thermistor is pretty much the only thing that fails in the AquaRite power box. It stays hot the entire time it's generating. However, it's only needed during the first few seconds of operation. They should put a relay on the board to bypass the thermistor once it gets going.
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    Bioactive technical process.

    Jose, thanks for posting to help us better understand the product. Could you give some information on the details of how bioactive works? I think that the 8 oz bag contains about 2 grams of bacteria. Is that correct? If yes, does the bacteria multiply, or does the 2 grams do all of the work...
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    Hot Tub Time Machine 2

    Well, they finally made the sequel to the original. I didn't think that they would ever get that done. Anywho, that got me thinking about hot tub time machines. Does anyone know if they work well? Is the time machine part reliable? Are there any special installation, maintenance or safety...
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    Total Solar Eclipse 2017

    On August 21 2017 a total solar eclipse will be visible across the US. It should be pretty cool. Some members will probably be in the path of totality.
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    Sulfamic acid

    Some references say that sulfamic acid is used as a chlorine stabilizer. It looks like Jack's Magic # 2 is mostly sulfamic acid. That would indicate that it can be used for copper and scale as well. Does anyone know about it's use in pools or water treatment in general.?
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    JasonLion 30,000

    Congratulations on reaching 30,000 posts. Thanks for all you do to make this the best forum on the web.