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    Cheap VSP in Los Angeles

    For those of you that you live in or around LA, and have LA DWP for your electricity, you can get a really cheap VSP. LA DWP gives a $1000 rebate and my end cost was just $200. You have to currently own a single speed pump to get this price and rebate. Has to be on a pool, one per household. I...
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    My pool pics

    Here you go, my pool and spa
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    Pool Rover Plus for IG Pool?

    Over ther years, I have had a Barracuda suction side cleaner, some other cheap suction side cleaner (think it was called a Ribbit, and looked like a frog :-D ). Later, in 2000, I bought an Aquabot, the basic one. Aquabot was great, dropped it in Friday night, and pool was spotless by Saturday...
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    Electricity costs for my pool pump

    I was thinking about getting a two/variable speed pump, to save energy costs, but then wondered how much I would save. I saw some things on the net, including the pentair pool site, that claim considerable savings. I started out trying to measure the current my pump was using (I borrowed a...
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    Installed an iwave remote system, with one problem

    End of last year, I noticed the display in my heater was not really readable anymore (for the 2nd time, but the first time was under warranty). I found places that sell the controller board and display, but it was over $300. So, instead of fixing it, I decided to get a remote control system...
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    Liquidator vs Peristaltic Chlorine pump

    I am trying to find a kind of semi-automatic way of sanitizing my pool. Have considered, and for the time being, discarded ionizers, ozonators, minerals and SWG's. So, I think I am left with two options at this point, a Liquidator, or a peristaltic pump. I almost bought the Liquidator...
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    First test after refilling pool

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to empty and clean my pool. It's fiberglass, so I high pressure washed it when it was empty. I also just got a tfp test kit and a magnetic stirrer, and took my first test today this morning. date 11-Apr fc ppm 1 cc ppm 0.5 tc 1.5 ph 7.2 ta 90 ch 80 cya 0 temp...
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    Ionizer and Liquidator

    Hi Guys I have been waffling over what to use for chlorinating my pool. Started looking into ionizer and ozonators, but had decided against them. I know ionizers are slow to kill germs, so you still need to use CL, in addtion to the ionizer. Ozonators don't leave any residue in the pool, so...
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    Which model autopilot?

    I have been looking into alternative sanitizer for a little while. Was considering ionizers, ozonizers, but I think I will go with a SWG. I have an older pool, with copper pipes, we refinished a few years ago with fiberglass, about 23,000 gals, and we have a semi automatic safety cover on it...