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    Best SWG ?

    Hi All. I have a Pool Factory Above ground pool (Saltwater 8000). It is a 17K gallon pool and I am interested in switching to SWG. I know it's like a "Ford -vs- Chevy" question, but what is the best SWG system for my pool? But.... what do you all think is the best (or better) SWG system out...
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    pH & Chlorine digital meters.

    Hi All. Does anyone have recommendations for digital testing meters for pH and Chlorine/Chloramines? I would rather spend twice as much and get a good meter than waste my money on a second rate meter. I seem to recall a discussion that it's very hard to get a meter that will test chlorine...
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    The Pool Factory ?

    Hi All. I need to replace my 27' Round AG Pool. A local installer recommended "The Pool Factory" and the "Saltwater 8000" model. Anyone had any experience with the Pool Factory or that pool model ? Thanks !
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    Suggestion for a Quality ABove Ground Pool

    Hi All. My 18 year old AG pool finally collapsed. It was a 27'x54" high pool made by Home & Roam (out of business now). Can anyone suggest a quality replacement pool that is 27'x54". I have a very nice deck that was next tot he pool and I want to be able to re-construct a new pool next to...