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    New pool in wisconsin! start to 99% complete with lots of pics!

    Started the process in February Day 1 location location trees! such a beautiful red maple had to go :( bye bye trees will make for for nice fires in the summer however. received equipment. all pentair stuff. have family that works there so it was a no brainer for us. trees gone, dog...
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    How to get CH down.. without draining

    Hi. new pool owner. need to update my sig cause pool is in and filled! anyways. getting started here. I have filled the pool with two tankers (6500 gallons each of water) and filled rest will well water.22000 gallon pool The well water is rusty but i hooked up an inline water filter to the...
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    vollyball net

    anyone know a good volleyball net for a 18 foot wide pool? all the ones i find online seem cheap. there is one at Dicks sporting goods but it has 2 inch post and i need 1.5. also its 33ft wide..
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    DIY fence or contract out?

    Hi i do most of my own DIY projects around my house and also at my rental house. My question is about fence building? I have never erected a fence. I would save about 3k if i do it myself. is it beneficial to tackle myself or just contract it out. We are planing a rectangle black aluminum...
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    Why isnt there a "for sale" section?

    Any particular reason there isnt a for sale section? think this would be beneficial for members to swap or sell equipment, pool toys, ect ect...