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    Spring TV Upgrade for Backyard/Pool

    My kids bought me a TV Shield for Christmas. It’s a waterproof tv enclosure. Of course, we didn’t have an outdoor tv to put into it so we had to buy one! Ended up with a 65” TCL, which we got on sale.
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    Old backyard new pool!!!

    Thanks! I have a high phosphate fertilizer but haven’t been feeding them as often as you do. Will try that. Still looking for a stop with enough sun to put them in the ground...
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    Old backyard new pool!!!

    Are your plumerias in the ground? I have 3 in pots so I can bring them in when it gets too cold. But mine have never rebloomed since given to me. I have fed them, but maybe not often enough? What fertilizer do you use? They get south and west sun.
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    Call me crazy ....

    I thought you just had to pay someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that... ?
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    Is Mulch or Bark near pool OK?

    We have natural hardwood mulch on 2 sides of the pool. It contains no dyes and seems to stay put more so than any other kind we’ve had. Occasionally it gets into the pool, but less so after we put a row of river rock next to the coping. Just my 2 cents...
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    How cold of water will you swim in?

    Around 80 although it depends on ambient air temp. Anything lower will require the heater!
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    Pre-Planning New Build in Houston Need Advice

    I think the cost that people are quoting will be close, esp if you build off season. It also depends on all the extras you add, which is easy to do! I sent you the name of our builder, who we were very happy with. I had a difficult time finding PBs who would build inside the loop. Maybe that has...
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    Chlorinator & SWG

    Ditto to what Yippee said.
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    How does this look-New pool build in Mckinney Texas

    I would make your pool at least wider if possible. Dirk’s idea about staking out the pool is dead on. I think you’ll find you’ll want it bigger. Our pool is only about 18’ wide, and it’s fine because that’s all the room we had! But since you have the space, go bigger! But that’s just my opinion.
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    Hurricane prep tips

    Make sure you have plenty of bleach and if needed pool salt. After Harvey, bleach was one of the first things to fly off the grocery shelves and pool salt was even harder to find. I ended up using water softener salt, just the plain kind, but it took forever to dissolve. Or maybe I was just...
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    Preparation for hurricane/tropical storm

    Stock up on bleach and if you have a SWG pool salt. Those will be hard to find later.
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    Possible hurricane on the way any tips

    Stock up on bleach and if you have a SWG, pool salt.
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    Another small pool build League City TX

    I would suggest getting a heater. It can and will extend your swim season. I don’t find ours adds much to the gas bill at all. And in the fall/winter we crank it up to 90 (I like it warm!).
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    First Time Pool Owner (Houston Pool Build)

    The pool water doesn’t seem to bother our hostas and geraniums nor our citrus trees. They are only about 4-5 ft away. The biggest issue was keeping the mulch out of the pool. Solved that problem by edging the bed next to the pavers (hostas/geraniums) and the other bed next to the travertine...
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    Building a small pool

    Hey Kim! Thanks for thinking of me and sharing my pool!
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    random thoughts

    I’ve always thought the phrase “fun run” was an oxymoron.
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    Pool Fence/Patio Fence - Toddlers

    Ctrav, where did you get your fence? I think it looks great.
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    How long should a Maytronics "Robot" last

    My Dolphin M500 had to have the power supply replaced at year 2. Fortunately I have a 3 year warranty. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer. I do leave mine out on it’s caddy all season long, except if I know we’re getting a cold snap or high winds/rain.
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    SoCal Rock Pool

    That looks to be quite a fixer upper! :laughblue:
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    To planter, or not to planter...that is the question

    I would get rid of the planters and extend the steps all the way across. Steps make for good conversation areas for people who might not want to get totally wet. With the planters, I think it makes your pool entrance seem constricted.
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    Pitcher Cocktails for parties!

    Tequila, fresh lime juice and a splash of fresh orange juice. Proportion the tequila to lime juice ratio as you like.
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    New Pool Build Recs in Houston, TX

    I’m guessing your bid was so high because they weren’t really interested in doing your pool. Probably because they have all the work they need or can handle right now. Would be interesting to see if they said the same amount in the fall or winter. FWIW, we started looking in the fall and...
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    New Pool Build Recs in Houston, TX

    You may have a more difficult time finding a pool builder since they are now getting into their busy time. But keep looking- the more you can talk to the better! I would think most would travel to your part of town. I know there are some builds here from Katy so you could try the search button...
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    design phase of Houston OB

    In reference to someone who asked about electrical, if I remember correctly from our build, outlets only have to be 6’ from the edge of the pool. Goes without saying that they also have to be GFCIs.
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    What is your favorite summer drink to have by the pool?

    Pretty much anything with fresh lime juice. Drink to be sour and not sweet.
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    Dolphin cleaner unresponsive

    Also, how old is your robot? Maybe it’s still under warranty. My Dolphin M500 just stopped working (won’t turn on) yesterday and it’s only 2 yrs old, but fortunately still under warranty. Since I bought it through the pool builder, I was told I had to go through them for service. They came and...
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    Outdoor TV help please

    What if you don’t have a covered area to put your tv? We don’t have a covered area but I’m interested in having a tv near the pool.
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    Stair riser question

    I could see making the first step into the pool a smaller rise but I think I’d like the others the same.
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    Riverside, CA - Backyard Overhaul

    Breaks are always good! But, in my opinion, you are much too talented to stay out of the business. You are a rare breed nowadays - someone who actually takes pride in their work. Enjoy your well deserved time off!