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    Summer Escapes skimmer vs other skimmers

    If I have a 5 year old skimmer from a 15ft summer escapes pool should I just reuse it or buy a new skimmer to install on an intex or coleman pool? Much difference between skimmers, besides the summer escapes one can have a filter installed if needed? I am not sure you would or should use...
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    Coleman pools, verdict?

    So what's the verdict on the Coleman pools? Are they comparable to the ProSeries by Summer Escapes or Ultra Frame by Intex or are they closer the Intex and Summer Escapes blue liner pools. Mostly interested in the liner durability. My blue Summer Escapes 15ft has a dead bump and a hole in the...
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    Intex pump hoses Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 110-120 Volt with GFCI, 2100 Gallon: Patio, Lawn Garden Will the screw on hoses that come with the intex pumps like above fit on standard 1 1/2 inch ends if you use a hose clamp. The manuals on intex's site say they...
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    Need a new pump

    My 3 or 4 year old Summer Escapes F1000C is dieing. It cuts off after a certain amount of time. I have to turn it back on at the gfci electrical plug. As those run $130 I though maybe something else would work better for the money. I found the Intex 1500 Filter Pump for $64 and the Intex...
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    Pro series vs normal

    Are the pro series (gray) Intex and Summer Escapes pools worth the extra money over the normal blue ones?
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    Just filled 15 ft by 42 in Summer Escapes

    I just filled my pool up using the garden hose. I don't have the TF-100 yet, but what do you suggest I add right now. I started using liquid chlorine at the end of last summer after using the small round tablets before that. It seemed to help along with the pool caclulater. I know you really...