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    Jandy pump full of air after 5 hours.

    I run my pump in the wee hours of the morning. I just went out to do my chems today and turned on the pump only to hear it run but push no water. The attached picture is while it was running. At the very end of the 3 minute priming cycle it finally started pulling water. I had turned the...
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    How to properly use the TABS hopper for a week's vacation.

    Hey all. New here. Been following the advice here for some time and have been pleased. I found my CYA to be over 100 at the beginning of summer. No pucks since then. So far CYA is down to a more manageable 60. I'd like to get it closer to 40. I'm currently using 1 to 2 quarts a day of...
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    Cleaned filters... Algae??

    I cleaned my filters today. It was done about 6 weeks prior. This is a different color than last time I cleaned. It's been hot here in the DFW and a few months ago, I noticed my once a week chlorine (dicholor) was gone or nearly gone the following week so I started checking and adding twice a...