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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Thanks for your help. With the cost of just the diagnostics for the motor I’m beginning to think I should just order a new motor and be done with it. I am still going to wait for my multimeter to arrive and test the capacitors just to see if somehow the new ones I got were bad. I never really...
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    I just confirmed that I had the top capacitor on the C and HERM lead. Same operation as before. I don’t think my multimeter measures capacitance - I have a new meter coming Tuesday so I can check them out. Thanks again for your help!
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Here is the pump running on low and the switching on the high at the same time. After the clicking, I turn off the low and quickly turn on the high setting.
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    I’m thinking my silver capacitor replacement is defective? Unless I am using my multimeter wrong. Here is what the meter is showing.
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Thanks again guys for helping hash this out. With both capacitors off, I’m getting resistance of 2.5. With just the top capacitor on I’m getting the same reading. With the centrifugal switch disconnected, I get the same reverse slow operation of the pump on high. The low setting now makes the...
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Unfortunately my multimeter does not have a frequency measurement setting. I’m getting 246v between L2 and L1 L2 to A is 67v L1 to A is 81v I get no readings when trying L1/L2/A to ground. I appreciate you helping me solve this issue.
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    L1 to L2 - bounces a bit up and down before settling between 2.1 and 2.5 L1 to A - bounces around but settles around 18 L2 toA - bounces but settled to around 16 These measurements were taken the the capacitors off but the pump still wired into the control box (breaker off). If you need me to...
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Thanks for the support so far fellas. That is an excellent idea about the chlorine...I will pick some up before the water gets too bad. I have some basic knowledge with using a multimeter - where should I connect the leads to take the readings? Here is a video of what the pump is doing. I...
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    Stumped by this Hayward Pump

    Hey Everyone, I’m new the forum (looks like a great community!) and am hoping to get some help with my pump problem. My pool pump all of the sudden stopped working correctly a few days ago. This pump was purchased in 2018 and has been working perfectly until now. The pump is a 2 speed unit but...
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