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    Has anyone tried a M5 advanced remote on a Dolphin Z5?

    I imagine they are the exact same models. This would let you access the extra features. I ready someone was going to try this and see if it worked. I don't remember a response.
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    Pool fence requirements the builder never told me about

    So, my pool is built and I was red tagged for not having proper fencing. The builder never informed me about this. I Figured my yard is fenced in and I have a electric gate on a timer. I even asked about it. They just said i don't know. Of course they know. Now my only option is to put up...
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    I got my Dolphin Z5 and it was slightly damaged in shipping

    Will this affect it? It is not bad, but I am not sure if I should get a replacement part.
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    Robotic pool cleaner reviews

    So, I have been trying to do some research on which to buy. I have read quite a bit and I still have no clue which to buy. This site is helpful because it lists the motor replacement costs and shows the warranty if it is full or prorated.
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    Any robotic cleaners onsale for memorial day?

    My pool will be built in a month. I need to get a robotic cleaner.
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    Can you use a VS pump to run a waterfall with a valve and actuator?

    It seems to make sense instead of using a dedicated waterfall pump. The VS pumps have plenty of power. One builder said this is an easy way to save a little money. Another said it is not the best idea.
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    Does this bid seem reasonable?

    72 perimeter, led,salt, heated 400K, cartridge filter, vs pump, polaris 280, pebble, 400sqft decking (smart), 4inch drains, 12inch flagstone coping, 2tons of weeping rock, 2 skimmers, 5 returns. No lines need to be rerouted. The runs to gas, water, sewer, and drains are very close. Jandy...
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    Has anyone tried to find the subs to do a pool on their own?

    I could easily hire a sub contractor to do the pool. I can hire a plumber and electrician to run all the stuff. It really is quite easy.
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    Is it worth 1K or so to have chemical automation

    I have read up on this topic a bit. I looked at the Jandy chemlink 1900. I can see how ORP is not very reliable. The ph is nice to control the salt chlorinator. It would also be nice to have a pump for the acid. Is it worth 1000 dollars or so? I will admit I am very lazy and anything to...
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    Looking for a Houston pool builder inside the loop

    Blue Haven came out Friday, but I don't want to go with them. Their price seemed very high too. Platinum is coming out tomorrow and Hipp Thursday. I tried Atlantis and some others. Many won't build inside the loop. The problem is all pool builders are in the suburbs. I am looking for a...