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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    Thank you. I could not go through that part again! Hopefully we will still love it when it’s filled. Can’t wait to be floating like you!
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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    Update: tile and stone work completed
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    I did call him back and he better explained that gunite would still be happening in addition to this flashing.
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    They did stop by before Christmas and placed the rebar/steel and they started the plumbing as well. I am at a stand still because I was told there is a shortage of spa jets and they cannot continue or go any further until they come in. So right now I just have a big hole with rebar in the ground.
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    You are so right - he did not charge me at all and now that I have been educated on the process we are more than thankful.
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    You are right! That is what he meant. Builder says they will be back out later to apply gunite at a later stage.
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    Sorry -- I had to disappear to handle some last minute holiday preparations! So I was told by the pool builder they did the Flash for some bad weather we had coming in the area. We had a few days of rain and just as someone said above -- they did it to protect the dig. And it worked as we...
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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    *UPDATE: As suggested from the wise folks on this forum - the flashing was a thin layer of Gunite to protect the dig from the weather. But my construction is now on hold because the PB says the spa jets are on backorder. I was told there is a national shortage - so we are patiently waiting on...
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    North Texas New Pool Build Started

    After months of planning and waiting They have finally started excavation on our pool. This will be the first one for my family so there will be many questions I will have I’m sure! We are so excited!
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    Hi! About to Build First Pool

    Thank you! I have already found the information here very valuable!
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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    You’re right! caribbean or Tropical Isle would be ideal - my husband wants tropical isle.
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    Crystal Stone - Tropical Isle Opinions/photos needed

    Hi - Did you go with the Tropical Isle? And if you did - are you happy with it? We are considering that color but there aren’t many pics of it out there. Can’t decide between Tropical Isle, Caribbean Blue, or Aqua Blue To give us turquoise water.
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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    Thank you - looking up videos is a great suggestion. As is telling them to turn tiles upside down to break up the pattern. I would not Have thought of that. They are breaking ground on our pool this week so we don’t have a lot of time to make a choice if we are to allow for ordering the material...
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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    Starting a new pool and spa build and can’t finalize choices! There are so many things to choose from! My family picked a tile we liked from samples only to go to Nobile Tiles website to see it in a picture and NOT like it anymore. It looked so different installed. we are equally confused with...
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    Hi! About to Build First Pool

    Hello Everyone, my family and I relocated from San Diego, California to North Texas and we were not prepared for the heat! My husband’s retirement from the Navy had us seeking a lower cost of living and a veteran friendly state. So Texas is now home. We signed a contract to put in a pool and spa...