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    Question about using wall foam for the pool floor...

    Thank you for this suggestion...I will certainly look into it.....
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    HI Mary, The black bottom you are seeing is the Armor Sheild Pool Pad. I also used wall foam (I used blue spray-on adhesive...that is why it looks blue) and I also used a foam cove.
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    Question about using wall foam for the pool floor...

    I have built my Aquasport52 and it is almost ready for the liner. As you can see by the pictures, I still have a few wrinkles to work out in the Armor Sheild Pool pad. But this brings me to my question... Since I have the Armor Sheild down for the pool floor protection, I am thinking of laying...
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    Still have to work a few wrinkles out before I drop the liner in...but the pool is ready for the Im just waiting for a couple sunny days....
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    Need advice on burying an aquasport aluminum panel wall pool

    I am a plumber from a different lifetime ;) and back when I was working on large ground work rojects...a lot of times we were worikng in ditches...and sometimes very deep ditches (8 feet or more). In thos cases, we would always use "shoreboxes" to protect us from cave ins that could be fatal...
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    Need advice on burying an aquasport aluminum panel wall pool

    I am burying an aquasport 52 28" inches in the ground and I have two questions... 1. Since it is too cold to put the liner in, can I go ahead and backfill (only the 28") and wait until next spring to drop in the liner? Two notes to consider for question 1: A. The pool is buried in hard clay...
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    Aquasport 52 semi-inground/inground no backfill with wood deck?

    Im also burying an Aquasport panel pool and Im on the fence concerning to backfill or not backfill as I also am planning a deck all the way around the pool. My question to you is...did you coat the outside of the walls with anything before you backfilled? I have read on here somewhere there is a...
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    Concerned about backfilled base - Need question answered

    Thank you all for the information....It is in progress now and my concern has diminished quite a bit. This is hard clay soil and I am finding that it does not settle much and it compacts very nicely. Thanks again!
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    Mary, With concerns about treating the pool wall... I am building a deck around 3/4 of the pool with a small section of one side exposed...which will later be covered up by a stone wall. I intend to build a bar top on the stone wall for a pool side bar. ;) But back to the question of treating...
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    the pool is up! next comes the liner...
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    More pics...
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    My AquaSport 52 Build

    More pics...
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