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    Confused FC 1.0 - 3.0 ppm or 5.0 -9.0

    That makes perfect sense, thanks very much for the quick response. Take care. Steve
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    Confused FC 1.0 - 3.0 ppm or 5.0 -9.0

    Hi , my test kit it states ideal FC 1.0 - 3.0 however the pool calculator in the App is stating 5.0 -9.0.Which is it? My CYA is 50. All help much appreciated. steve
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    New and very confused

    approximate output 900 Gallon per Hour input 800 Gallons per Hour pool temperature 6 inches below surface remaining constant at 86 F so looks like the colder denser water is staying low (at present)
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    New and very confused

    All - So started the process of a balanced water exchange delivering colder water at base of deep end (6 feet) via hose from house supply and pumping out warmer existing pool water (pool temp is 86 F) out from top step. All going well and pool level staying about at level, pool breakers all...
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    New and very confused

    Just put Napco into google maps and 20 minutes from my house👍
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    New and very confused

    Thanks Chris info really appreciated I will try them out. Take care Steve
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    New and very confused

    Thank you that is very useful!
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    New and very confused

    Not sure...…...but anyway going to go to Liquid chlorine as you suggest and great suggestion I am going to test the refill water to see what I might be contending with as going for a 2/3 refill/exchange. Thanks for your comments. teve
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    New and very confused

    Thank you that is very helpful, I have decided I am going to do a simultaneous fill and empty using colder fresh water to the deep end floor and pump from the shallow end 2nd step. I will attempt to balance input and output and go for a 2/3 exchange and then re-sample to see what the chemistry...
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    New and very confused

    Hi Maddie, I think I have filled it out. We have a 17,000 gallon pool, with an earth filter. I think pretty standard set up....I have attached some pictures. I am going to ask the pool guy to drain, I would hope he follows all the necessary requirements.
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    New and very confused

    Hi Maddie, firstly thank you very much for the reply, it is really appreciated! Retested with 50% tap water as you mentioned and got further up the tube before the black dot disappeared but still short of the first 100 reading on the test tube. Used a pool test strip (please see attached) and...
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    New and very confused

    Totally new to this- I have 17,000 gallon pool which is maintained by local pool company weekly. Never seen them sample water always 3 x 3 inch chlorine tabs left in skimmer weekly. Decided to test today with a Taylor K-2006C test kit. Followed instructions exactly and this is what I found: 1...
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    Best pool chemistry test kit

    Probably been asked a million times but really just getting started and looking for the best pool chemistry test kit to buy. Thanks!