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    Is there a rule as to how many skimmers a pool should need?

    Commercial pool about 40k gallons. Currently only has two. We are in the bidding war process with different contractors to completely overhaul this sucker. Same say 2 is all required while some have suggested adding 1 or 2 more Thanks
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    Sand Filter Silica

    Is there a thread on here explaining the different types of usable sand. I'm in the beginning stages of getting my commercial pool (40k gal) rebuilt. I met with the contractor this morning and he is suggesting that I ditch my Pentair FNS60 and go to a much larger sand filter, Pentair TR-140...
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    Commercial Pool Rebuild

    We are doing our homework before we rebuild our 50+ year swimming pool at our small motel that my wife and I own. It's just about 40k gallons, 2 layers of delaminating plaster, and all piped in 1-1/4" copper pipe o_O It's currently sporting a Sta-Rite 3/4 hp pump, Saline C-60 sanitizer, and a...
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    Central California Foothills Saying Hello

    My wife and I run a small motel and we are in the pre-planning stage of rebuilding our 40k gallon pool, complete with re-pipe.