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    What is the name of this pool cover type ?

    You basically insert this plastic tongue or lip into the groove and it locks in place. Here is a picture of both sides of the cover.
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    Stabilizer free chlorine pucks or tablets for skimmer OR good liquid chlorine dispersion method

    I've run into high stabilizer this year from overdoing pucks. I do have liquid chlorine but it is hard on the bottom of my liner pool. My last pool guy didn't hook up the main drain to my pump (pipe still there) and all chlorine easily makes it to the deep end bleaching the liner. I was...
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    Raypak R266 Heater - No pilot sensed (but it clearly is on)

    How do I do this ? Verify power at MV on P-4 Terminal on digital circuit board. and Verify Power to valve MV voltage (Replace Valve). From another troubleshooting guide. I have a voltmeter. I guess I just dont know where the MV-MV/PV terminals are.
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    Pool Cover Rip repair - patching options ?

    I have a Basic Pool Winter Cover which I believe is laminated polyethylene sheeting ? . It is a 4 inch rip. Any suggestions for a good patch ? I was thinking of trying this. Stanley 2 oz Vinyl Repair Kit | Canadian Tire Might not be big enough (size not listed) and the product is usually...
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    Determine the use of the second hole in my skimmer

    I am closing my pool for the first time. I've figured out a good game plan for blowing out the lines, except I am not sure what to do with the second hole in my skimmer. Based on this information, I think it is #2. If I blow air down this second line, if air comes out the main drain, I take...