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    Is it safe to add 1-2 oz of 12.5% bleach with people in tub in middle of tub and jets on full?

    If there are 3-4 people in a 400 gallon hot tub for an extended amount of time, is it safe to add 1-2 oz of 12.5% bleach in the middle of the tub with jets on OR would you recommend people get out briefly? I"m in MN so getting out for a bit can be challenging for some when it's cold. I was...
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    Anyone want to sell an extra Taylor 2006C case? I'll pay shipping too

    I would like to get the larger Taylor 2006 C case that holds the larger regents. Anyone want to sell or give away an extra. I'll pay shipping of course. I can send check or use PayPal.
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    Is this chlorine use interpretation correct?

    Based on what I've read on this site, I wanted to see if this is correct........... Let's say 1 person gets in a hot tub with 2 PPM free chlorine. The person soaks for 1 hour and creates the average of approximately 7 PPM of free chlorine need. The person gets out and adds enough liquid...
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    What max and min free chlorine would you set on SmarterSpa SWG on Hot Tub???? CYA too???

    I installed a SmarterSpa SWG on my 400 G. hot tub. The Smarter Spa lets you control the max free chorine by adjusting how long it runs AND the minimum free chlorine by adjusting the sensor for when it turns on. What max and min free chlorine would you shoot for as I adjust it? My tub is most...
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    Salt PPM at 1200 BEFOR adding salt? Should I drain and refill?

    I added a SmarterSpa SWG today. Before I added the salt, my Taylor Salt Test and test strip showed about 1200 PPM of salt. I added 2.5 cups of pool salt to my 400 g. tub and it brought it up to 1800 PPM. The Smarter spa indicates that salt is in the correct range which they say is 1500--2000...
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    Case that holds everything but not too big?

    I have a Taylor 2006 kit but have added a few things like some bigger regents, TFT CYA tube, MPS regent, and thinking about adding a speed stir and a few extra tubes to go along with this. Any suggestions on cases that are not too big but hold everything without tipping?
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    Do I really need to drain hot tub before adding SWG as directions say????

    I just bought a SmarterSpa SWG and the directions say I should drain my tub and refill before adding. Do I really have to drain it? I can't figure out why this would be necessary. I have a 400 g. hot tub that was drained about a month ago with 2 Ahh-Some purges. I have used the...
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    Thank You TFP! This site (and it's knowledgeable & generous members) is AWESOME

    I've had a hot tub for several months. I was struggling to get accurate information about hot tub chemistry, products, etc. from retailers, the web, etc. Then, I found this site. I SOOOOO appreciate the expertise, generosity and time of awesome members of this site. I have learned so much...
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    I used about 1 gallon Cloromax bleach in tub? Should I drain it?

    Ooops.....I used about a gallon of Chlorax bleach with Cloromax over time in my 400 gallon spa since refilling using the diclor/bleach method. I did not realize the Cloromax bleach is bad. Should I drain the tub and refill? Is the Cloromax bleach unhealthy, bad for tub parts, etc? Thank...
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    Best SWG for Hot Tub?

    I'm thinking making the switch to SWG. I'm leaning toward getting the SmarterSpa model ($385 on Ebay right now and about $430 on Amazon). Are there any models that you think I should consider instead? I would like a model that self adjusts (waits to run until FC drops to a low level) like the...
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    PH, Free Cl or Total Cl digital meters? Are there any under $50 that are accurate?

    Curious if any of the digital meters (not the ones that use regents) are accurate for PH or Free Cl or Total Cl? Do you have any specific recommendations for accurate ones that are under $50? Thank you, Doug
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    Chem expert needed here.....Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe to use with Boric Acid in hot tub based on research of chemical reaction of those two

    I've seen some articles about borates and hydrogen peroxide creating a chemical reaction that can be useful for a variety of chemistry purposes but I don't know enough about chemistry to understand if this reaction would be unsafe in a hot tub. Here are a couple of the articles for the chemists...
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    Does Ahh-Some Clean Scaling Off Lines, pumps, heaters, etc.??

    I have been running a used hot tub for about 9 months. LOVE Aww-Some for my purges and it gets out WAY more gunk than other things I've tried. Curious if Ahh-Some removes scale build up on the lines, pumps, heaters, etc? If not, do you recommend a scale remover? I'm trying to keep my tub...
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    Can you use a SWCG in a Spa / Hot tub??

    Sounds like SW pools are awesome to me. Do all of these same benefits and lack of drawbacks apply to hot tubs too? Thinking about switching over to a SWG in my hot tub. (I hope this is not hijacking the thread but folks had some great info on SWG and I'm curious if all of the info fits for hot...
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    Is Alk of 50 or 60 OK with Nature2?????

    I have a 400 g. tub and use Nature2, add MPS after every use and bleach shock about weekly. CYA = 22. Test everything with Taylor. Use tub generally with 1 person about 20 minutes for 7-12 times per week. I use Muriatic Acid (Acid Magic) to lower my PH which I know lowers my alk too. The...
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    Help with PH climbing continuously?

    I have a 400 G. hot tub. I use nature2, MPS after every soak and chorine bleach as weekly shock to about 12 PPM FC. I test with Taylor 2006. My CYA is 22. Alk is 100. Calcium hardness is 200. The tub gets used typically by one person 7-12 times a week for about 20 minutes a time. My PH...
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    Help? Why does CC go up after appropriate shock?

    I have a 400 g. hot tub. Currently, my Taylor 2006 says CA is 250, Ph is 7.4, alk is 90 and CYA is 22 (based on how much dicrlor I've added). I used the MPS interference chemical by Taylor to make sure my MPS is not impacting my CC and FC. I've noticed that every time I shock with bleach (7.5...
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    Sodium Sulfite or sodium thiosulphate in hot tub??? Yes or No to bring down FC?

    I just treated my hot tub with Ahh-Some before draining and refilling. I shocked with 2.5 T. diclor per directions with Nature2 for my 400 G spa and the chlorine level is still above 10 PPM FC after 14 hours. The cover is off. I'm getting impatient and curious about any negatives with using...
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    Can you store Acid Magic (low fume Muriatic Acid) in Bettix Bottle

    Can you safely store Acid Magic (low fume Muriatic Acid) in Bettix Bottle for easy measuring into the hot tub? Is the fact that Bettix bottles are clear a problem?
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    Fastest way to balance TA and PH after refill? My process takes multiple days

    It takes multiple days to get my PH low enough after a refill in my 400 G. tub with city water (Minneapolis, MN). I tend to need about 12-16 OZ of dry acid. I use Taylor K2006 to determine acid demand to ph of 7.2, add dry acid to get to 7.2, retest, repeat. How long after adding dry acid can...
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    Best Spa Line Flush for Biofilm

    What is the best spa line flush? Any research on this? --Doug
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    Can combined & free chlorine go up if no diclor or chlorine or bleach is added?

    I have a 400 g. hot tub and measure FC and CC with a Taylor k-2006 kit with MPS correction regent R-0867 AND a Hach strip. Both Taylor k-2006 kit with MPS correction regent and Hach strip show increases in CC from 2.0 PPM to 4.6 AND FC from 1 to 1.8 in the past few days but I have NOT added...
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    Help measuring Chlorine with K-2006 w/ R-0867 for MPS in water???

    I have a K-2006 kit with the R-0867 because I use MPS. I followed the directions that came with the R-0867 exactly and got EXTREMELY high reading like free chlorine at 12.0 PPM and my test strips were showing more like 1.0 PPM. I think I was not swirling fast enough or something because...
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    Adding Nature2 to SmarterSpa to reduce chlorine level in spa?

    I'm thinking about getting a SmarterSpa chlorine generator and adding a Nature2 silver/mineral stick so I can run my hot tub at lower chlorine levels. Nature2 claims it is an effective sanitizer with Chlorine levels at 0.5 PPM to 1.0 PPM. I was thinking about using MPS before and/or after...
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    Taylor k-2006--how do you measure CYA below 30 PPM

    I just got my Taylor K-2006. Is there a way to measure CYA below 30 PPM. The small tube does not go lower than that. Are there more detailed directions about testing in the booklet. I can't seem to find them in there. Thanks, Doug
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    Saltwater spas--effectiveness & do they damage equipment or spa????

    I have a friend who has had hot tubs for over 15 years that is trying to get me to switch over to saltwater. He runs a saltwater spa and said its so easy and very effective. Are they an effective sanitizer? Do they damage pumps or spas? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you, Doug
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    Maintaining 0.5--1.0 chlorine for Nature2 with MPS????

    I've done LOTS of reading on this site and learned a TON. I've been using Nature2 with MPS after soaks and ensuring MPS level is OK with Nature2 strips before soaks. I currently use diclor shock about once a week. I like this system but want to ensure I keep my free clorine at 0.5 or 1.0...
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    Is Nature2 Effective with MPS (low chlorine recipe)?

    I have a 400 g. hot tub and have used Nature2 with MPS after every use and occasional Dichlor shock (weekly or occasionally more if I see cloudiness or foaming). I have not had any problems with my spa yet. Do you think Nature2 with MPS is an effective and safe sanitation method? I have seen...
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    Best Spa Test strips to supplement Taylor liquid for frequent testing.

    My home spa gets used 1 or more times per day. If I use test strips in addition to my Taylor liquid kit for more frequent checks, what strips are the most accurate?