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    Help making a plan to clean up the water

    I bought a house with a pool and moved in 5 days ago. The pool has some issues. I am hoping y'all can help me to come up with a plan to clean it up. Current TF-100 test results FC: none CC: -- pH: 7.5 TA: 270 CH: 1200 CYA: 160 The water temp is 84-ish making CSI 1.6 I was trying to get the...
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    Hayward 310T2 Sand Filter Questions

    To kick off my adventure in pool ownership I thought I'd start with something easy and replace the gauge on a Hayward 310T2 sand filter that always reads 0. I ordered one from TFtestkits with my TF100. I pulled the old gauge out and was happy to see the gauge mounts to a brass insert in the...
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    Bought a house with a bad case of DIY-itis and a pool

    Howdy y'all! I am moving north a bit to the California Central Valley. I have enjoyed reading the TFP forums for a long while. Sometimes I wonder how things work and TFP usually had a couple of great answers to anything pool related. Now I've bought a house and own what was advertised as a...