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    How to equate 10% liquid chlorine to pounds of chlorine?

    I have a new commercial pool that has three Hayward 940s that has to be constantly supplemented with liquid chlorine. I know the 940s produce 1.4 lbs of chlorine per day and I know how much liquid 10% chlorine required per day. If I knew how to correlate the 10% liquid to pounds of chlorine I...
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    Suggestions to avoid robot from wrapping itself around the handrail base.

    This is a new pool approximately 60 X 30 with a stainless steel handrail mounted in the bottom of the pool on each end extending to the deck at the top of the stairs. I was wondering if I can tether the cord going to the robot where it comes just short of the handrail on each end. Will...
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    Suggestions for changing to SWG?

    I find myself managing a pool in a resort community that gets used pretty heavily during the summer. We are currently using chlorine tablets but are considering changing to SWG. First off is this a good idea? Will a SWG be able to keep up on days with a high bather load? How often is it...