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    Pentair GloBrite Problems/Questions

    My pool was redone two years ago and the lights were replaced with Pentair GloBrite LED lights. After 2 years one of the lights can only reproduce the green and blue color that matches the other 5 lights. All the other colors are off and it will not sync to match. None of the colors...
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    Glass Tile vs Other

    Attachéd below I have pictures of my beautiful pool. The problem is that glass tile is falling off for the 2nd time in as many years and fortunately the tile manufacturer and pool builder are covering a complete redo under the warranty. My question is this. Both times I have had problems...
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    Combined Chorine after Tropical Storm

    I have recently added an IC40 SWG to my pool. Everything has gone great and outside of having to constantly having to manage pH due to the amount of aeration the pool gets from the infinity edge, the chemistry has been relatively easy to maintain. Combined chlorine has never been present in...
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    Infinity Edge and pH

    My pool is a Euro Edge (infinity) on all 4 sides of the pool in addition to having a large raised spa that has the same edge on all 4 sides. No matter how much I add to the pool within 2 days the pH will rise to 8.0 (or higher) using my Taylor Test Kit. I suspect this is due to the aeration...
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    Autopilot and Easytouch

    I was getting a quote from my pool builder on a SWG for my pool. The pool already has an Easytouch 4 system installed. I feel like it should integrate with the automation system so I can control it remotely but I am not sure how important any of you really feel that it. Additionally, they...
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    Balance vs Recommended Levels

    Newer to pool ownership and starting to take control of my own pool rather than using a service. I have been testing my water with the k2006 test kit and have the following question. Routinely I find that the FC, TA, CYA and CH are out of the recommended ranges however the pool is crystal...
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    Need help getting chemicals under control!

    First let me say that I am a newer pool owner and am learning this as I go along. I have had services managing my pool and for one reason or another have been through several and am trying to get things adjusted to my liking. The current company has been managing for a few months. They took...
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    Help with Alkalinity

    I have been allowing my pool maintenance company to manage my pool chemicals and until recently everything has been great. They hired a new person to clean my pool and things rapidly deteriorated with significant algae. We now have that under control however now my Alkalinity is significantly...
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    Cloudy Hot Tub

    The long and short of this is that when I turn the spa on (heater running, pool off, no blower) the spa becomes incredibly cloudy. When in pool mode with the pump running (return water goes to the spa and pool) the spa water is crystal clear. It appears that the chemicals are balanced with the...
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    First Purchase Questions

    Looking to purchase my 1st robotic pool cleaner and have so many questions. I would love people opinion of what I should look for and which models would be best. I really don't care much about bells and whistles but will spend up if it cleans the best. 1. First and foremost, my pool has an...
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    Necessity of Main Drain

    As you can see from the attached pics, I have a perimeter overflow pool. There is only one pump as the edge spill over is gravity fed back to a large collecting tank on the side of the house prior to being filtered and sent back to the pool. I would like more water to be pushed over the edge...
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    Aquacal Tropical Temperature Calibration

    Does anyone have a clue how to recalibrate the thermometer on a Aquacal Tropical T135 Heat Pump? Mine is reading about 10 degrees less then the actual temperature. Additionally it isn't getting up to temperature so there may be an issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pentair Screenlogic and Mac Catalina

    Does anyone happen to know if Pentair is going to release a version of Screenlogic Connect that will work with the lates MacOs update (Catalina)? The problem is that it needs to be a 64 bit app and it is only 32 until it receives an update. I can find one for windows but no luck on a Mac.
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    Hurricane tips

    I am concerned with a Category 3 hurricane bearing down on us what the proper treatment for the pool is. As a perimeter overflow pool it is always overflowing. The pool manufacturer states that I should just leave the pool running (as long as we have power. I am concerned that I should lower...
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    How to clean sand out of Drain Lines

    I have a perimeter overflow pool (aka euro edge, infinity, etc). The water drains over the edge on all 4 sides into a gutter. The water then drains from the gutter via gravity to a collecting tank on the side of the house and then is pumped back to the pool from the tank. They are building a...
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    Calculating GPM

    I recently purchased a home with a perimeter overflow pool. I was using the Francis Formula to calculate the GPM of water that I need to push 1/16 inch of water over the edge. The problem I am encountering is that I have a rectangular raised perimeter overflow spa that sits inside the...
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    How long did you have plaster dust???

    My pool was recently retiled and plastered. I am now a week in and the amount of plaster dust does not seem to be decreasing. The pool maintenance company is the same as the builder of the pool and state that the chemicals are now balanced properly. Shouldn't my plaster dust be dissipating...
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    Perimeter Overflow and Evaporation

    I am a new pool owner and new to this Forum, so please bear with me. The new home I purchased has an incredible raised perimeter overflow pool with a further raised spa that spills on 3 sides into the pool and one side into a trough. We love everything about the pool however our water bills...