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    *Updated - Gunite before rebar/parts delay

    *UPDATE: As suggested from the wise folks on this forum - the flashing was a thin layer of Gunite to protect the dig from the weather. But my construction is now on hold because the PB says the spa jets are on backorder. I was told there is a national shortage - so we are patiently waiting on...
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    North Texas New Pool Build Started

    After months of planning and waiting They have finally started excavation on our pool. This will be the first one for my family so there will be many questions I will have I’m sure! We are so excited!
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    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    Starting a new pool and spa build and can’t finalize choices! There are so many things to choose from! My family picked a tile we liked from samples only to go to Nobile Tiles website to see it in a picture and NOT like it anymore. It looked so different installed. we are equally confused with...
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    Hi! About to Build First Pool

    Hello Everyone, my family and I relocated from San Diego, California to North Texas and we were not prepared for the heat! My husband’s retirement from the Navy had us seeking a lower cost of living and a veteran friendly state. So Texas is now home. We signed a contract to put in a pool and spa...