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    New Gunite Pool in Houston, Any Comment on this Design and Equipment?

    We received the quote from our builder with the following information. It will be our first pool and no previous experience. Any comments on the design and equipment is appreciated: Pool Specs: 331 Sq.Ft, Perimeter: 76’, Max width: 12’, Max length: 30’, Shallow depth: 3’, Deep-end depth: 5.5’...
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    Future pool owner from Houston, TX

    Hello all. We have started getting quote to build a swimming pool in our backyard. We didn't have any pool before (no experience), and we will be totally new to this world! I hope we can have your input/comments about our future pool/equipment. Thank you.
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    Just curious, why saltwater vs chlorine?

    I read all the greats comments here about saltwater. I would like to ask if saltwater is corrosive to the water features and other pool equipment (pumps/pipes/...)? I will be a pool owner soon, and all the pool builders whom I interviewed, didn't recommend the saltwater. I should mention that...