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    Pool Electric Timer

    Thanks! How difficult is it going to be to wire a new timer from a different manufacturer? I can do some wiring (like replace light switches) but don't have a lot of knowledge with complex wiring. Here are some pictures of what I currently have.
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks! Loss last night was about 1.0 ppm and water is still cloudy (but getting better). I added bleach and some DE to sand filter this morning.
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    I have been testing first thing in the evening, mid-day and in the evening. We haven't had any sun (lots of rain and overcast). I tested this morning and chlorine level was down to 14.5 so I added about 30 ounces of 12.5% bleach (shock).
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    I actually got more stabilizer so was able to raise CYA to 40 ppm. I started SLAM process yesterday around noon (chlorine at 16). I have tested in three times since then and the chlorine level has not dropped. Is this normal? Water is still very cloudy (I just ran the ladybug cleaner and...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    I just checked poolmath and I need 4lbs 13 oz to get to a CYA of 30. Will have to try and get to the store tomorrow to get more.
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    After I add all the stabilizer (will probably be three or four sock fulls) do I need to wait a specific period before starting the SLAM process?
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks. I just tested: pH - 7.2 CYA - 0 Didn't test FC yet So I added a sock full of stabilizer (see picture) to the skimmer basket. I have 2 containers (3.5 lbs total). Will that be enough?
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    Pool Electric Timer

    Thanks. As long as I turn off the main breaker, I should have no safety issues replacing, correct?
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    Pool Electric Timer

    I have a GE Time Switch that I am having issues with. For the past few years it has been making a loud buzzing noise when on the "Timer" setting and the timer actually "on" (didn't make any noise when switch was "ON".. This year the electric is on when on all three settings ("On", "Off"...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    OK So should I backwash once now before I start the SLAM process since it's been vacuuming with the LadyBug? Or does it really matter? I haven't tested the water yet but I'm assuming CYA is 0. If it is, I need to raise it to 30 to 40 before starting SLAM, correct?
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    So I opened the pool yesterday and the water wasn't very clear (seemed to be algae). So I filled to skimmer level, threw two bottles of bleach in, and ran the Hayward LadyBug cleaner. My plan going forward is: 1. Test all chemicals TF-100 test kit. Bring all chemicals up to regular...
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    Solar Panel Heaters

    Has anyone had success with solar panel heaters? If so, where are you located, what size pool do you have, how many panels and what brand do you have, and how much improvement have you seen? I am thinking about buying one/some but I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. Thanks!
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    Heating Ideas

    I am looking for some advice on ideas on how to heat our AGP pool this summer. With the stay-at-home order and strict regulations being imposed in Illinois it looks like my son won't be having a travel baseball season this year. Therefore, we be spending a lot more time in the pool this...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks mas985. What should my target CYA level be?
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks. Yes, I use the Pool Math App. Unfortunately I'm probably not as diligent about testing daily as I should but this year I should have more time as my son doesn't have baseball for the foreseeable future. With the CYA test I have difficulty determining when the black spot in the tube...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    CYA is usually between 25-30 ppm (although I really have a hard time with that test). If FC is between 3-6 it seems that algae starts creeping back. As soon as I raise it closer to SLAM levels (10-12) the algae starts dying/going away. I use bleach (normally from Aldi) for chlorinating the...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks! Would the algae bloom survive a Chicago winter (it's been an issue for a number of years).
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    Thanks! I have the TF-100 test kit and use it religiously. However, I always seem to have an issue with algae creeping back if I don't have my chlorine near shock level and the filter running constantly.
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    No. But our electric bills are REALLY high in the summer. Part of the issue is I run the filter 24/7 during the summer (I seem to start having issues with algae when I don't). Also, the pump is a lot louder than it was when we first got it (it's been like that for a few years now) so I think...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    I posted this over in the Filter, Pump and Plumbing section but didn't get any responses so figured I'd try here. I am looking for suggestions on upgrading our pool filter and/or pump if it makes sense. Here is our current setup: AGP - 27' Round - 54" Hayward Sand Filter - SW256TPAKS Hayward...
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