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  1. MannyT

    So this just happened....

    It should reverse itself.
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  4. MannyT

    Dolphin Active20 - cycle time less than an hour

    Make sure the quick cycle hasn't been selected which is exactly 30 minutes in duration. It is the half circle on the control panel.
  5. MannyT

    YAY! Just ordered!

    I actually like the look of the Active series better than the S series. lol. You are going to love it like it was said above.
  6. MannyT

    Need new robotic cleaner with remote capability - HELP please!!!

    I have no problems with my Dolphin A30i. Bluetooth works fine on IOS. It also does a great job cleaning the pool and picking up debris that you don't see.
  7. MannyT

    Buying a robot this week! Any input on Polaris 7240 sport?

    Maytronic robots will work pretty much in the same randomness as the Polaris but my S300i doesn't have any problem climbing my 6.5ft deep end. I will get a large amounts of sand.
  8. MannyT

    Robot Recommendations?

    I also purchased with a local dealer for the same reason. It would be easier to service when needed even though it was about $200 more.
  9. MannyT

    Another help me select a robot thread!

    Nope, the robots will not help with insects/bugs that float on top of the water.
  10. MannyT

    Recommendations for cleaners

    I have a Dolphin Active 30i no problems. I just drop it in and works. It picks up dirt even when you think the pool is clean.
  11. MannyT

    A Breakdown of Dolphin's 2017 Lineup

    Same as the Active 30i .
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  14. MannyT

    Dolphin M400 vs Active 30

    The Active 30i and the S300i are identical in features. Only difference is the color and a slight difference in look. I have an Active 30i and I love it. I bought mine locally because I liked the convenience of taking it in and not shipping it in case it needs repair. Here a couple of action...
  15. MannyT

    Polaris 380 help

    I feel your pain I'm a Dolphin fan.
  16. MannyT

    S300 is this normal?

    Yep, my Active 30i is the same.
  17. MannyT

    Recommend a robotic cleaner

    I think you should try to find one of the S series models or the Active Series and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I have an Active 30i and it has no problem picking up sand.
  18. MannyT

    Active 30i Turns off

    Thanks. I'm glad i'm not going crazy yet.
  19. MannyT

    Active 30i Turns off

    Just the on/off switch or the whole control panel will stay on after each cycle. I thought that is how mine worked. I will try leaving it longer before I turn it off to test. - - - Updated - - - That is exactly what i'm doing now also. I'm going to leave it alone longer to see if it turns...
  20. MannyT

    Recommend a robotic cleaner

    Find a Dealer - Maytronics Have you checked the above link. I put Valrico, FL and it appears it is around Tampa, FL. I saw one in Plant City, which looks to be about 9 miles away. There also some in Lakeland and Lutz, FL.
  21. MannyT

    Active 30i Turns off

    I have a Active 30i and I'm not sure if the control panel suppose to turn off after it completes its cycle. I'm not sure but I thought it did when I first purchased it back in April. Now it runs its cycle but the control panel stays lit and I have to manually turn it off.
  22. MannyT

    Best pool cleaner on a budget?

    Find a Dealer - Maytronics TFRoger go to the above link and put Goodyear, AZ and I got about 8 places if you still want instant gratification.
  23. MannyT

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I have one with a swivel and it still tangles. It doesn't affect its operation and I love my robot.
  24. MannyT

    Maytronics Active 30i, no communcation from APP to robot

    Try uninstalling the app and re-installing.
  25. MannyT

    New Member Question

    The robot should not have any affect the time you run your pump, you should run your pump enough to clean the surface of your pool or to produce chlorine if you have an SWG.
  26. MannyT

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I did post on the other thread and it fix the problem. They were also embarrased that they didn't try it either.
  27. MannyT

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I just saw somebody post with the same issue in another thread.
  28. MannyT

    Active 30i app issue

    I just saw in another thread a person had the same issue and they deleted and reinstalled the app and the problem was fix.
  29. MannyT

    Robotic cleaners and free form pools - side wall problems.

    What Dolphin did he try?
  30. MannyT

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    The 2018 models do have a swivel. You are correct those 3 models are operationally identical. Only differences is colors and look. Why the Active 30i? Looks. lol. Mine has a swivel and it still tangles a bit but no big deal, for others they have no tangling.