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  1. txnole

    Test Kit Refills

    With swim season just finished (and due to start again in 60 days) it's a great time to order refills for your TF100 test kit. Just hit SUBMIT on my refill order to be next in line!!! :testkit:
  2. txnole

    It works!

    Just want to thank all the regular contributors and members for your sage advice over the past year. TFPC works!!
  3. txnole

    Thank you, TFP

    Thank you to the TFP leaders and mods for working through the recent technical difficulties. So many of us rely on this community for help, ideas and best practices. Thank you for squashing the bugs and keeping TFP crystal clear!!! :cheers:
  4. txnole

    VS pump schedule not changing

    Good morning. I'm obviously missing something on a new pump schedule I programmed last night. I intended to set my VS to run at a higher speed for one hour and then ramp down to low speed; instead, it's just running at high speed continuously. This was my original schedule: POOL FEATURE -...
  5. txnole

    ELI5: Adding Pentair iPhone controller

    We have a newly installed pool system with a Pentair Easy Touch 8 interface and remote system. It works wonderfully. The DSW would like iPhone control. So, TPMers, explain it to me like I am five years old. :D Specifically, what is needed to add iphone control? (Incl. Pentair part #s) For...
  6. txnole

    Spa runs in overflow mode all the time

    This is a an interesting question, as my pool also runs in overflow mode all the time. I'm certain that it could be programmed to bypass the spa, because it creates a "closed loop" for just the spa in spa mode. Therefore I just need to use that "closed loop" and focus it on the pool mode...
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  8. txnole

    First ever test day

    Good morning, TFP'ers! Our PB has signed over water maintenance to TXNOLE and here are my first Taylor test results: AIR TEMP: 56 WATER TEMP: 56 VOLUME: 14,100g Disclosures: Pentair SWG was reading 2800 yesterday. 40# salt added. FC: 8.5 TC: 8.5 pH: 7.4 TA: 40-50 CH: 500 CYA: 50...
  9. txnole

    Best online site for furniture?

    All - What online sites have the best selection/pricing for outdoor patio furniture? With the pool going in, we are hoping to catch some off-season close outs. Thanks!
  10. txnole

    Florida New Build - Pool, Spa, Fireplace

    Hello, fellow TFP members. Thank you all for your input and advice over the past month. We are reviewing the contract with our PB and wanted to get your input on the final design/proposal before we sign. The final design is for a screen-enclosed pool with elevated beam wall, elevated spa, and...
  11. txnole

    Planning Stage - Need your woulda/shoulda/coulda

    Stepping out from the lurkers lounge, I would like to announce that we are starting the planning phase and beginning to interview perspective PBs. I would love your insights and lists of woulda/shoulda/coulda. We live in Amelia Island, Florida (north Florida - zone 9) with our five year old...