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    Little Black Bugs

    I know it’s probably hard to tell from the picture, but can’t hurt to ask. Does anyone know what these little black bugs are? They appeared all over the surface of my pool today. They seem to clump up on the water surface.
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    Help Understanding Salt Level Results

    I use the Taylor salt water test. I recently had my liner changed, so I was starting from basically having 0 salt in the pool. I added salt slowly over the course of 3 days and after that my Taylor kit has been consistently giving me 3600 ppm as my salt level. I recalibrated my salt cell (t-15)...
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    New Liner Install

    I'm looking for a little advice. We're having our liner replaced for the first time since we bought the house. The entire liner is pretty much wrinkle free and has seated nicely, except in one corner. It's probably hard to tell from the attached picture but where the liner goes into the...