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    Does anyone know what this is? - Solved

    This was in the bag with the pressure gauge and air relief valve of a Pentair C & C filter. I don't see mention of it in the manual nor do I see it on the parts diagram. Thanks
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    Thinking About VS Pump

    My wife is compaining about the noise level of the 1.5 HP single speed pump that came with our AGP. After reading about methods of noise abatement, it looks to me like the best solution is to get a VS pump. I first became interested in a V-Green 1.65 HP thinking I could just swap it with my...
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    Circupool Power On Status

    My unit will be here tomorrow but my pool is still closed with a water temp of 55°. I will mount and wire the box and plumb the cell using the bypass cell in its place when it arrives. I plan on opening the pool on Friday and start getting the balance right and let some sun hit the water to...
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    SWG - Sizing and Power Supply Questions

    Hi, The bleach shortage caused me to take another look at getting an SWG. I was looking at Aqua Rite but then decided an IntelliChlor was right for me. I had breezed right by CircuPool - after slowing down and taking a closer look at them I now think they are best for me. I hated that the...
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    Chem Questions

    Hi all, I had a 4k gallon ring-top Intex for the past two years. Year one went well (apparently by sheer luck) - last year started out bad. I didn't really trust the test results and advice given at the pool store, so bought a HTH 4 way test kit and studied up on pool chemistry on the...