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  1. Sunny Blues

    1st Closing - Questions re plugs - antifreeze placement

    Hi! :wave: We are closing our pool this Wednesday, first time ever doing it ourselves, and we have some questions. (16x32 in ground, 3' shallow - 6' deep, with the pump/filter/heater 10 feet from the skimmer and up to 36 feet from the farthest return jet. We're using a 6.5hp Shop Vac to blow...
  2. Sunny Blues

    Need help getting rid of CC and maintaining shock level

    I'm a newbie to BBB but already a permanent believer. I'm almost at all my target levels for BBB, but am having problems with one last kink: getting a 0 CC reading (or <= .5) I've achieved a 60-80 ppm CYA, a lower (for the first time) TA level, and borates = 50. As far as learning how to...
  3. Sunny Blues

    Sunny Blues

    :wave: Hi! Just introducing myself. My husband and I installed an in ground pool 5 years ago. 16 x 32 vinyl liner. This is our first time using BBB having just discovered it. I've learned so much already and am glad to have a place to pose questions for any concerns or complications we have...